This bit of infrastructure has left me speechless, but I'll try.

It is a new, partly built pedestrian crossing on St Vincent Street , Port Adelaide . I saw an article a few days ago on Facebook, and yesterday I was riding at The Port so had to check it out.

(in my opinion) it is just an over engineered , waste of material, completely un- necessary, dangerous, gross waste of taxpayers money. A lowering of the speed limit and a Zebra Crossing would surely have been just as good and a lot cheaper. End of rant. . .

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The cycling area is blocked. Plus an extra squeeze point which makes it even more hazardous for cyclists.
Pete, I agree there must be a better solution that is safer for ALL vulnerable road users, including cyclists.

ABC news is reporting that new bike lanes have "since been repainted around the pedestrian refuge". That sounds like putting a band aid on a severed limb! Anyone had a look at what has since been done- if anything?

Surely it would not be hard to make the bicycle lane go through the refuge, with a ramp (effectively a speed bump for cyclists), and lines to indicate cyclists give way to pedestrians. Then everyone wins.

ABC News online has an article on it now, and seems to be saying it was a mistake. (Which I can forgive, a far better outcome than a planned removal of a bike lane).

In its current state the refuge doesn't even serve foot traffic well - once on the refuge you would have to jump across a gutter and a muddy median strip to reach the nearest footpath. Hardly appropriate if you need mobility assistance ...

I hope the new Port River / Northern Connector pathways don't feature any careless infrastructure like this when complete

If it still uses the "bike path" on the south side of Francis Street/PEX (before it becomes the expressway proper) then it's already lost in that regard.

Truly one of the most afterthought pieces of infrastructure I've seen in this city.


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