Hi everyone , I am new to Adelaide Cyclist and this is my first post.

Maybe this subject has already been covered but I can't find it.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these Indoor Fluid Trainers as I am interested in getting one for warm ups and general training on these freezing cold days .

Thanks for any replies  Pete


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I should also add that I've never ridden a fluid trainer before, and yes, sometimes I can 'overcome' the resistance of the mag trainer, such that when I'm doing a sprint interval it can suddenly become easier in resistance. But this is only when putting out greater than 600W which I can't sustain for long anyway (my peak 3 second values are no more than 1000W), and as soon as I tire in the sprint the resistance becomes back to its hardest again. So I can see how a fluid trainer would be more realistic, but I don't use the trainer for a 'realistic' ride, I use it to smash my legs. And smash my legs it does! I'm sure if I try a fluid trainer I wouldn't go back though :-)

Hi Pete,

The fluid and wind turbo home trainers are by far the best equipment as far as providing a realistic type of resistance as you pedal.

you are welcome to bring your bike into the store here at Norwood, Trak Cycles and test both types.

The Lemond trainer has the advantage of allowing you to remove the rear wheeel and therefore eliminate tyre wear by having a direct chain drive system.

Indoor training is by all accounts an integral component of a proper bike fitness and has the added benefit of allowing you to develop and improve both cardiovascular fitness as well as technique.

best regards

Darren O'Grady



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