Hi everyone , I am new to Adelaide Cyclist and this is my first post.

Maybe this subject has already been covered but I can't find it.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these Indoor Fluid Trainers as I am interested in getting one for warm ups and general training on these freezing cold days .

Thanks for any replies  Pete


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I got one just before an injury and it has been worth it's weight in gold. Knowing that you can do a ride and hobble in if your knee goes pop and that you won't have to ride 20 km home is great. I downloaded a couple of sufferfest videos that are a lot of fun. Having said this they are not like real riding - nothing is like real riding... Except real riding obviously.

Thanks David for your reply , hope your "dicky" knee gets better .!

I had one for 12mths before i actually started to use it. Very boring on your own and be prepared to sweat even if you have a high powered fan. A few weeks ago i started taking it to a wind trainer session at my lbs about 20 of us attend for an hour of interval torture. Its been fantastic for my fitness having a mid week hit out to have the legs ready for the weekend. You might want to consider a special trainer tyre too

I've just started using a WIND trainer, its a bit noisy inside and I dont think its suitable as a strength trainer, but seems to be good for cardio. I've been doing intervals for about 2 weeks and it has improved my recovery rate.

Another benefit is you can work on pedalling techinque much easier than on the road eg one legged pedalling.

This is something I plan to buy in the next year or so. I like to be warmed up already prior to getting on the bike for a real ride and something like this should work well. But yeah heard it gets boring real quick. I guess it depends on what you are using it for. If its for purely for warm up prior to riding I reckon they could be worthwhile. As an alternative to real riding, I think you'll get bored fast.

We have one that we use pretty regularly. Get a fluid one if you are going to get one, fan ones are noisy and magnetic ones usually require manual adjustment to make it harder/easier.

Bicycle Express (on Halifax Street) have a good range, other places like Mega Bikes (http://www.megabike.com.au/MegaSpin) have a spin studio where you can take your bike - click on the link and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks Phil , yes I have done a bit of research and it looks like the fluid trainers are the way to go , and Cyclops and KurtKinetic seem to get good reviews .

I will check out Bicycle Express and Mega Bikes,,,  Thanks for your help .

If you want some real good fun drop into Bike Station at Hove and see Noel about doing the Cancer Council Challenge....its an indoor bike trainer rigged up to a computer and monitior which allows you to ride a virtual Mont Ventoux complete with video so you can see your progress. Patrick Jonker who won the 2004 Tour Down Under, has ridden this mountain which features in the Tour De France regularly. He says its like riding the real mountain less the wind factor....only a $10 donation to the Cancer Council which is cheaper than a casual RPM or spin session at your local gym...and for a good cause :) Done this twice now and hoping to ride up this virtual mountain again this week

Hi Rob , it does sound like a good experience for a great cause , I don't live far away from the Bike Station so I drop in one rainy day .

@ Pete...the climb is 20.66km and the video is so cool as you ride up the mountain the trees give way to a lunar landscape of Ventoux. You have cars overtake you and ride past other slower cyclists....great fun....

I can recommend the Kurt Kinetic as well, even though it costs about the same as an entry level bike! It's built like a tank and will last a lifetime, so it's worth the money. I had the adjustment pin fail last year and rang the distributor - they sent me a new pin free within a couple of days.

As others have mentioned, you will need a reasonably powerful fan at face level while you're using a trainer - you'll sweat even in winter ;-)

I use a Minoura magnetic with rim drive. I haven't had any experience comparing magnetic with fluid, although magnetic has worked great for me and is easy to adjust resistance with a remote lever.  The rim drive is what I'd consider to be essential, so that you don't wear out your tyre, or have to change tyre to a 'training tyre' before using the trainer. It's just a couple of (what look like) roller blade wheels which lock on to each side of the rim, so that the tyre doesn't get worn.  I've done hundreds of hours on it with the same wheel, and my braking surfaces are looking fine. It can be a little noisy if the rim gets a bit buckled, but when it's true its fantastic.


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