Have you seen mamils in your area? It'd be hard not to
Published by ABC News on 10-Dec-2018
The number of Australian mamils has increased from 6% to 13% from 2002 to 2016. Wealthier men are the most likely to take up recreational cycling, and on expensive bikes.

The emergence and characteristics of the Australian Mamil
Adrian EBauman, Katrina Blazek, Lindsey Reece & William Bellew
Med J Aust 2018; 209 (11): 490-494. || doi: 10.5694/mja18.00841
Published online 10-Dec-2018

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I'm sure the heath system is also noticing the savings in the reduction of cases of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, impotence, etc etc.

We now need more cyclists in government to make the roads safer.

Check my name and I obviously do not fit the above category.
However, I like that an increase in male cyclists who have good incomes (and likely well-educated) and who choose expensive bikes.
Yet I don't expect the public or authorities to change their sub-conscious opinions that only lower socio-economic people ride bikes, and worthless bikes at that, so not important to cater for cyclist safety.
A few years ago I read that the largest increase in Australian cycling was for people aged over 30 with tertiary education. I did not notice a huge increase in cycling infrastructure and safety.

Apparently the new term for us is Vomits - Very Old Men In Tights

It seems not even other cyclists are happy to see the increase in male riders..

Dear male cyclists, lose the attitude

Seems pretty basic human decency - don't queue jump!

I am not sure what category that I fit into, but have been riding all my life. Now at 79, I still ride a roadie ( actually more than one ), and according to Strava, my weekly average is 200 kms !


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