Several times I've taken part in the Around the bay in Melbourne.

210kms, ride around Port Phillip bay.

Nice ride, but, I put  a lot of money on the table (ride, get there, get back, accommodation) and if the day turns out to be crap, well, your money is blown. And takes a day to get there, day to get back, so wipes out as a minimum three days.

And to be really honest, there is a lot of boring road riding through Melbourne suburbs.

At the start of this year the penny dropped. The 100/200 Grand slam is basically on the same weekend.

Costs $35 for members. If the day is crap, I've blown $35, not $700 or more.

Besides, its riding through the Adelaide Hills on some of the most picturesque roads we have. No need to take time off work, recovery Monday maybee, cause its no only long, but the total elevation is significant.

I guess in this forum I'm preaching to the choir.

But this ride deserves more attention as a challenge.

We are very fortunate as Adelaide cyclists that BikeSA and its volunteers go to the effort of doing all the planning and running of this event.

Hopefully the 13th of October will be excellent.

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