I can vouch for most of these except #5 although who knows what state I'd be in otherwise...



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I don't need anymore convincing than my blood test results, I just need more time.

That's interesting Matt.  Hopefully you are seeing an improvement and will continue to if you keep your riding up.  The best way I've found regarding finding dead time to enjoy riding has been riding to work. Saves time and money and no need for gym memberships...Keep up the good work.

Working at Woodville and living in Crafers is a heck of commute and well out of my current capabilities. :) 

Actually I can vouch for some of these points (#5 I'm not sure on).

I was a long term smoker and while not 'over weight', seriously out of condition. My first ride a couple of years ago was Semaphore to Henley Beach. I thought I was going to die. Well that's only half true, but I did wonder how I was going to get back home. I've lost around 10k since then, I can suck in so much more oxygen, and love doing Nortons. 

Now I commute, saving car money (which I can 'reinvest' in cycling gear). So I get exercise on my way to work. And a shopping kick. And others at work have begun to ride as well.

I'm way fitter, my skin looks better (any improvement happily accepted :-)), I seem to miss all the bugs going around the office and I sleep better. I've noticed that I eat better.

I've turned a slow smoking decline into a fire. 'Do not go gentle into that good night … rage, rage … etc'. 

Now all I want is a job in the bike industry to feel complete!

Well that was a good positive read - point 5: I read an article recently in which cyclists are better at work relating to increased mental agility, or something like that. Me likes that!


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