If you'd like to come to The Port for the TDU finish & street party...

If you are considering coming to The Port for the TDU remember that you can get here via the Outer Harbor Greenway AND that there will be free (well, 'gold-coin-donation' anyway) secure valet parking in Lighthouse Square, supported by PA/E Council & staffed by PortBUG and other volunteers.

So you will be able to:

  • come down the Greenway with your kids without having to deal with main roads, busy traffic etc
  • leave your bikes in the valet parking
  • enjoy the event, the finish and the street party afterwards and...
  • be sure that your bikes will be there when it's time to go home.

If you like you can also take the Greenway/Harbor Loop Path down the waterfront, over the Birkenhead Bridge and go down to Semaphore (via Semaphore Road's off-road bike paths) for an ice-cream, fish and chips, the beach and jetty and the fun-fair. Or you can take the new separated bike path and bike lanes on the Jervois Bridge and down Hart St directly to the beach!

It's all easy and secure riding without any of the bother or anxiety of travelling on main roads in heavy traffic. Come down and see how Port Adelaide/Enfield Council is providing what is becoming Adelaide's most progressive cycling and Active Transport Network - it'll be a great day!

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IMPORTANT! Due to the extreme heat predicted for Tuesday’s Stage 1 TDU finish in the Port, the planned Street Party and Valet Bike Parking times have been curtailed.

As a consequence we're told that the Bike Parking enclosure - to be staffed by volunteers - will now run from 12 noon to 3pm!

Given that the race is not finishing until around 2.30pm, I suspect that some customers may find it somewhat awkward to get back for their bikes by 3pm when the enclosure is now scheduled to close. I’ll be talking to Council staff to see what can be done re this eventuality. I suspect that practicalities will demand that the parking stay open for a bit longer than is now planned!

We'll have to let those planning to use the enclosure know what's happening on the day...

Sam, PortBUG.


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