Nothing serious, but while I've been sitting at home recovering from my recently plated clavicle I wanted to think up a suitably witty cycling related personalised plate for my car

I drive a Renault, so I thought it would be appropriate to have a French cycling term, slang or otherwise, however my French is non-existent. I had thought of VELO, CYCLISME, CYCLISTE etc, but nothing really quirky.

I prefer road riding and I'm usually at the back of the group and last across the line so I considered GRUPPETTO as an appropriate term, but its too long for a plate.

Have you seen any witty plates, or had ideas for them yourself?


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or more to the point, a slogan for the bottom of every number plate (in the vein of ''The Festival State'', ''The Garden State'' etc... -

''I'd rather be riding a bike''

It's a pity we can't use a slogan, otherwise I'd suggest - I lost my bike licence and now I have to drive the car.
I do like the sag wagon suggestion

domestique . too long?

Hah, yes that would be a good play on those ridiculous commercials.
I think if you pay for 'custom' plates you can have 8 letters, so you could abbreviate it to DOMESTIQ. SAG WGN is funny, I'd have that and LNTRNRGE TOO!


Just make sure to get the plates in red ////

Hate to see it but almost every time I see a personalised plate I translate it to WANKER

+1 WNK3R. I can't believe no one has suggested PELETON yet.

Well Clive perhaps I should get that then :)
I'd say that would be a common opinion though, so I can't really blame you for that. My thoughts are that it should at least be something clever or pertaining to the personality of the driver. I definitely don't like the name and birth year varieties out there, CHRIS-67 and so forth.

Glad you didn't take my comment personally as that wasn't my intention but the clever plates are far and few between and the cost???


someone might think you mean a hat, but ...



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