Today while out for a walk, there was a police car parked on King George Tce Brighton north. They were pulling over cyclists and warning them for not carrying ID and checking the bike to ensure they meet the criteria for safety. I have been informed that as of March this year it will be against the law not to carry ID on you at all times.

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p.s. If the police bothered to spend time enforcing proper driver behaviour one might not have need for ambos to even need ID. Ridiculous strawmanning 

Hey but don't you feel much safer knowing that your corpse can be easily identified because you were carrying id?

Ah you gotta love this place - cycling equals death and injury seems to be the name of the game in many people's minds.

The whole idea of an identity card is at odds with freedom. The Australia Card was proposed by, I think, the Hawke Government. You would not have been able to do anything that required a business transaction that somehow involved the Australian Government without it. Political backlash against it resulted in the whole idea being downgraded to an "improved" Tax File Number scheme where everyone had to have a Tax File Number to access things like a bank account, social security, etc. The idea of cyclists suddenly having to have an approved ID card is akin to the same fascist idea that this will improve safety because the Police can fine someone for not having it. The fact you are carrying an Id card when you got skittled whilst riding your bike I hope would not dictate the way an Ambulance Officer treated you as they scrape you up.

I have ICE on my phone, have been hit by car, momentarily unconscious, but In Case of Emergency is ALL anyone needs.

What I AM anti is being told I have to carry photo ID when any ID is suitable. And the whole point is to make identification possible when the cyclist is unable to ID themselves, because that happens all the time - not. So it's a law for a situation that does not exist.

Also, bring in rules like this and I can see a police roadblock on popular cycling routes pulling over every rider, just to see if they have a f****g 'approved ID'.

So lets all approve of wasted police resources which would be far better used hunting down the scrotes that run us off the road at roundabouts or whatever.

Agree. If true this is overstepping the line.

I haven’t done anything wrong but the police have asked me for my name, ID and address. Do I have to give it to them?

It depends. Sometimes you have to give your name and address like if:

  • The police think you’ve broken, or are breaking, the law;
  • The police think you can help them investigate a crime; 
  • You’re driving a car or riding a motorbike;
  • You are carrying a firearm;
  • The police have stopped you for a breath test when you’re driving; or
  • You are at a place which serves alcohol

It is against the law to give the police a fake name or address. You could be fined up to $1,250!

Besides from giving the police your name, your date of birth and address in the situations above, you do not need to say anything else. The officer must tell you that you don’t need to answer their questions, but that anything you do or say can be used later as evidence (proof that you did something) in court.

If you think the police don’t have a good reason to ask for your details, or to search you, it is a good idea to ask for their name, rank, and place of duty. The police, by law, have to tell you this information. You should write this down so you don’t forget.

You can also politely ask them questions such as “Can you tell me why you need my name and address?”

No idea how reliable this website is.  Nothing about bells though.

Rewind 1942 Germany, where are your papers? your papers appear to be in order, you may go.

What type of people will travel around without id, crims?aliens? lol

It would be interesting to hear from someone who was actually stopped by the police in this instance, to get an idea of exactly how the police were handling this. I guess the police were undertaking the safety checks as part of Operation Safe Cycling, however the most important part in my mind is how they approached the ID side of things.

If people were being asked for ID in the case that they did not have a bell or reflector on their bike, then I guess this is within the letter of the law, although it reflects (pun intended) my experience of police tending to focus less on enforcing safe driving around cyclists and pedestrians, and more on pinging cyclists and pedestrians for minor offences. See the annual blitz on jaywalking that happens in the CBD.

If all cyclists were asked to produce ID, and 'warned' if they did not do so, then I think there's a strong case for lodging a complaint with the ombudsman as has been suggested previously. If several people lodge complaints then you would hope that this would be investigated thoroughly.

So, if you were stopped, or if you know of anyone that was stopped, it would be interesting to hear a first-hand account.

I have an image of my driver's license on my phone. It might keep the police happy if they stopped me for breaking the law, but would be useless if I am unconscious and unable to supply the PIN for my phone.

I keep an expired drivers license in my saddle bag FWIW

There is also the issue that it would not be equitable. Pedestrians do not have to carry it and drivers only need to under certain conditions 

Carrying your licence

If you hold a:

  • learner's permit
  • provisional licence
  • probationary licence
  • a licence that allows you to drive and you are driving a vehicle with a GVM of greater than 4.5 tonnes
  • interstate or foreign licence.

You must carry your licence when driving and show it to a Police Officer when asked.

If you are in the mandatory alcohol interlock scheme you must also carry your licence at all times whilst driving.

- See more at:

First up, I'm calling BS on the original post. I think its a deliberate attempt to stir the pot and nothing more.

Second, this whole ID topic has been covered before in a couple of other threads and as with those, I find most of the comments to be lame or just plain ridiculous.

I really do wonder what is lacking in some peoples lives for them to carry on the way they do.


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