Today while out for a walk, there was a police car parked on King George Tce Brighton north. They were pulling over cyclists and warning them for not carrying ID and checking the bike to ensure they meet the criteria for safety. I have been informed that as of March this year it will be against the law not to carry ID on you at all times.

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Wow, if true that is crazy

we talking government sanctioned "Photo ID" .... Drivers license / student ID card / etc ?

or like Dame M says.... general ID everyone should have anyway for worst case scenario of you being knocked out  / dead / similar un-responsive condition.

one thing the NSW people was complaining about was cost of a photo ID if you did not have one already,
I thought most people would have some form of photo ID, but not typically carry it with them on a ride ( instead opting for a ID card or bracelet or other similar thing that provide info but is not a government issued doc

Hi Coppo, I am unsure as I didn't ask anyone at the time. Most of the riders had a drivers license and the police officer was just writing down the details into a note pad. They were also just having a quick glance over the bikes. I would assume that any kind of ID would be ok but don't know that for sure.

any mention of the officer?

I got one on my commuter...just to be compliant..but none on my "good bike"

Surely they'd be checking that. Easy money fining all the roadies with no bells. :D

is there anything stating where a bell has to be located on the bike, could I for instance hang it off a "seat stay" and technically still be 'compliant", i am running out of space on my handlebars with...lights...garmin...etc let alone hand space

The best place to mount my bell was on the round body of my front light. My bars are too large for the bell clamp but the light body was perfect. I never ride without my lights so I never ride without the bell!

No nothing like that. It just says

258—Equipment on a bicycle

A person must not ride a bicycle that does not have—

  1. (a)  at least 1 effective brake; and

  2. (b)  a bell, horn, or similar warning device, in working order.

Offence provision. 

I'm not aware of any proposed changes to identification requirements. Would this be changing just for cyclists on the road, or to the general population? Makes little sense to force cyclists to have carry ID while not requiring the same for Bob the Pedestrian.

I can understand giving an informal warning about carrying ID - always a good idea, whether you're cycling or just walking about. Checking the bike is also fine as we're supposed to comply to the road rule requirements for bikes - functioning warning device, functioning brake, and so on. 

Would be interested to hear if anyone knows anything about any ID requirement changes.

I'd refuse to show them ID. Ask if they were arresting me and if they said no walk off. And then follow up with a complaint as indicated by Dave M. Total waste of police resources and I have no time for this ****

i can't for the life of  me understand why some cyclists are so anti anything that supposedly infringes their right to anonymity on their bicycle and their place on the road , heaven forbid but when your lying on the road broken bones blood spattered ,split skin on virtually every part of your body because you just been hit by a car , you wish you have id and you wish for police and you wish for accountability from the driver ,you can't talk because the blood is dripping down your throat the pain is so intense you want to black out but the adrenaline won't let that happen , the ambos won't let that happen beacause they want you to stay conciense , but hey when it suits us we don't want to be  /bothered by authority/ .......really?  

I'm anti anything which wastes police resources e.g. by them enforcing something that is NOT LAW!!!!!!!!!!

When the statistics change about drivers causing almost 80% of accidents then by all means police can focus on whether or not a cyclist has a bell ... I mean really? 

FYI my phone is my ID. I carry ID but I DO NOT have to show them ID because IT IS NOT LAW


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