Any feedback about what type people are using ,how you rate it & how much it cost would be appreciated . At the moment I've got my eye on this one from the Cycling Express website :

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during a recent bike fit at BMCR i got to try out the Lemond Revolution. that felt pretty good. seemed to give a good road "feel" . not sure of price, but i'm sure if you wandered down to BMCR on waymouth st they'd sort you out :)

I have a Tacx Bushido and an old set of Tacx rollers. Bushido is nice since you can program in training sessions and have it all displayed on screen (assuming you have the PC upgrade). It'll interface with your ANT+ sensors and combine those into the output.

Rollers are nice if you just want to ride and improve your bike handling/balance and pedal technique.


Cheers , what is your ANT ?

Glenelg Cycles had a special on Jet Black Z1...that is the fluid trainer which = quiet. Elastogel roller.Priced at $340 which included bonus front block and rubber mat to stand it on...prob have some left...good trainer and competes with online price.

This looks good value

Rollers do help build balance, especially if you stand. I do like the rollers for intense intervals, but i also liked the fluid trainer for the resistance.

On AC there is a group about stationary trainering, or along those lines. Join and ask there.

Cell bikes just sent me this:


I purchased this trainer 18 mths ago after fairly extensive research.  It very very good, a great smooth.

I was looking at one from Anaconda(the shop not the species) as I have no idea what im looking for either mate, the ones at Anaconda are on special.....about $75, called FLUID. Probably sounds a bit-Cheap and nasty, just thought id put my half a penny out there. :P

Not helpful for your purchasing of a trainer but I have started using the Continental home trainer tyre recently with my Minoura Mag turbo and think that this has made it a bit quieter.

You need a spare bike or wheel of course so not for everyone.

If Michael isn't interested, I certainly am. 

Thanks for the offer Alasdair ,but I'll pass ..I'm still looking at them . and might get one with data capabilities ..
Happy pedalling Maya .. 

I've read heaps more and now am truly concerned about putting my baby on there. I think I will have to find a training bike first then go the trainer! 


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