Maybe you toyed with bikes now and then before you were bitten by the bug? Were you unsure if you were good enough, experienced enough, or fast enough to call yourself a cyclist? Or did you live in denial, hoping nobody you knew would spot you wearing lycra?


Complete the sentence, in all seriousness or with humour, as you wish.

Please, no extra commentary or thread highjacks- just start with  '..when'


Finally, I knew I was a REAL cyclist when...


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..when you see taxi loads of nightclubers heading home, as you are heading out on an early Sunday morning ride.



I hadn't ridden for about a week (life can get in the way).  I had relapsed, dreaming about what sort of car I should get (not that I'm in the market, but I like to dream), thinking a Chyrsler C300 STI would be nice...


Within seconds of being on the bike I've thought this is great.  No car for me, this is great.


I'm heading towards the veloway - maybe I'll get a Surly Big Dummy, that would be great.


Then I've started the climb, maybe I should save the Cargo Bike for when I know I need it.  Maybe get a flat bar road bike.


I'm 1/3 up the climb - maybe an aluminium roadie - something light.


2/3 up the climb - carbon fibre, it needs to be carbon fibre...


4/5 up the climb - electric that's the answer, I'll get a new electric bike...


At the top, ahh...this bike is awesome I don't need a new bike this is great...


Not sure when I became a cyclist, but I think I've become one!



Better start wearing a head warmer under your helmet, I think the cold is making you hallucinate.
when my wife started getting worried with the amount of lycra I had in my drawer.

... I got to the top of the Alpe d'Huez first bike was stolen. I was so upset that I knew I couldn't be without one! It was at that point that I knew I was a real cyclist!

This hilarious discussion deserves another read, so bumping.

Finally , I knew I was a REAL cyclist  when .... I'm driving the car (very rarely) and my wife (passenger) calls "car left".... "car back " .... or  "car right"   

I shave my legs :p

... I started doing shoulder cheks when changing my line while walking.

When *exactly* the rain is gonna rain .. yeah I check that . absolutely!


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