Victoria Square is looking fine this morning with a 5-story tall luminous inflatable bike standing proudly at the northern end.

Adelaide drivers still didn't see it.

Here all week. Try the veal etc.

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got a piccy for us out-o-towners?

There you go


How tacky, inflatable bike porn.

Tacky too !

Nowhere near enough carbon for my liking!

bicycle seat softness heaven,I want to climb it :o

Might give some of those clueless drivers the answer to why we wear bright colour lycra though.

Nice to see MAC promoting hi-viz, maybe the next MHL. But we all wear hi-viz anyway so what's the problem?

Their ongoing promotion of cycling is good to see...

Tim, wish MAC would tackle the real problem and educate drivers to look!

If it gets a puncture, I'm not fixing it!

It only took 261,718 CO2 cartridges to inflate it.



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