For anyone interested, local lad (and norton summit record holder!) Damien Howson overnight won the world under 23 time trial championship. He blitzed the course averaging around 53kmh to win by over a minute. Great effort, expect bigger things to come in the future from him.

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I've never heard of Campbell Flakemore though, who came fourth, and why didn't he pin his number 13 upside down?

Not surprising given the w/kg he could put out at such a young age.

Ok I finally had the decency to change the title of this thread. Can't believe people get so worked up about it ffs. First world problem.

I'm with you Matt...if people don't want to know anything they shouldn't look on a cycling website. Dunno why their inability to stay away from the 'net has to be your problem.

Congrats to Damien...wish I had 1/10th his ability!


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