For anyone interested, local lad (and norton summit record holder!) Damien Howson overnight won the world under 23 time trial championship. He blitzed the course averaging around 53kmh to win by over a minute. Great effort, expect bigger things to come in the future from him.

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Maaate. Take this down or change the title and try not to spoil anything for the rest of the week.

Late smiley addition in case you are new here :)

Are you serious? How about you dont look on a cycling website if there is something you dont want to find out.

It is traditional on AC to post a title that doesn't give away the winner and contains "spoiler alert" so that working folk who are mad cycling fans can watch their recorded races after work the following evening and enjoy it not pre-knowing the results. That's all. I will log off now until after I have viewed the men's TT & RR.

Like Pat I was going to be on the road all day and well placed to avoid the result until I logged on to check Fergie's status and saw the top post of the morning. At least do not make the result the discussion title. A spoiler alert is simply common sense and good manners I would have thought.

Legend. He is going to have and amazing career. It was all over the news so it's hard to miss.

The GreenEdge women did really well too (if you didn't already know that).

and the green edge guys allegedly got pipped for gold by less than 1 second, but dont say it too loudly, someone might not have caught up with yesterdays new yet.


SA has another cycling champion - when will we build the Damien Howson Bikeway? :-)


Fabbo wins Mens TT on Sunday!

What, no picture ET? You are slipping.

I shall be making myself very scarce Thursday and Monday mornings in order to avoid anyone deemed by Pat to be a "knob" ;-)

Absolutely fantastic result for Damien.  And what a World Champs for Adelaide this week: Tiffany Cromwell, Rachel Neylan, Carlee Taylor, Nettie Edmondson, Tom Kaesler and Rohan Dennis all competing in TT's or Road Races. 

Think you'll find that Neylan will be a spectator, not selected. But fingers crossed for Tiff, I reckon she's up for a podium. (my prediction only, this hasn't happened yet!)

And BMX World Champion, Caroline Buchanan has secured her second rainbow jersey in two months winning the Four Cross (whatever that is, but it's green and gold band worthy and that's awesome).


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