How to Commute Adelaide (tips on riding safe - contributions welcome)

So a big part of my riding journey (which involved a little bit of road biking, but now primarily commuting) has been watching videos that other riders have posted and thinking about how I could avoid potential issues they may have faced, what could be done better, how I might approach a particular situation etc. There are heaps of places in Adelaide I haven't ridden as I commute mostly from the east and through the CBD, sop its nice to see other parts of Adelaide and any issues riders may face.

I guess this is intended as an educational tool for new and/or established riders, but by no means do I think my riding is perfect, and I'd like to think this thread could be a place for constructive criticism. So if you do collect video and have an instructional video feel free to post it in here for feedback or for educative purposes. 

One video I really enjoyed was Ruddagers, where he detailed some tips on commuting in traffic. I hope you don't mind me reposting it here, if so, let me know!

Here is a recent video I made with similar observations and ideas

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Disappointing when the SA govt accepted lower safety standards of interstate, and permitted vehicle windows to be tinted even darker. Clear glass can be produced with a high UV rating.

The state govt in 2010-2011 invited Prof Fred Wegman, a road safety from the Netherlands, to SA. At one of his presentations, Wegman said eye contact was important for all road users, and he did not support darkly tinted windows.

as for lights. 

I have a set of flashing lights also on my helmet that can be seen much better in traffic then the flashing light on my handlebars.

for side viewing, I have a fibre flash, the long tube style red light mounted on my seat downtube,
that makes you easy to see from the sides also

Good vid, especially the claiming the lane stuff, the rest mostly common sense.

Not sure you should be typing while your riding though.


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