I headed out today for a nice 140+ KM cycle. Took a little time, to get my engine fired up and didn't think that much of it - the winner bar seemed to help and I also had a few swigs from a bottle of powerade.


About 100-110 KMs into the cycle I just felt flat - had a winners Gel and pushed on. The last 30 or 40 kms on this ride was mainly flat and I should have been sitting somewhere between 28-35 KM/H. I couldn't seem to get much over 22 KM/H (constantly dropping to under 20 KM/H :( ) and the virtual rider on my Garmin Edge disappeared on me (or maybe it was I changed screens after realising i'd dropped way behind some 20+ minutes).


It could of just been an off day, or not enough cycling the last couple of weeks. But I did a great 105 KM cycle the day before but hadn't been out during the week. 


There was a bit of head wind on that last 40 KMs and the temperature was rising, but that last 40 KMs was the slowest I reckon I've ever done that stretch. All that was going through my mind is that I hadn't eaten many carbs the night before and I must be bonked?


When have you had the bonk? What signs did you have? (no I didn't fall off my bike)


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I hardly ever stop to pee on a ride - even in winter. 


Have been relaxing too much over the last couple of weeks. But you are correct, should check my resting heart rate more often. Last time I did it, back in June last year it was 56 BPM.


What's yours?

If you don't pee then you are probably more under-hydrated heading for dehydration. A headache means you are already dehydrated, and if you are seeing stars, lie down and call an ambulance.

Within reason you probably can't eat too much - over a similar distance on the MCCT I ate 3 chewy bars, 1 packet of chewy gels, 3 bananas, some other stuff at the food stops, 2 big bidons of Gatorade, 2 bidons of water, had to stop for 2 pees, and felt like I was flying coming into Strath.

Resting pulse sitting at the computer now - 62. Probably low-mid 50s lying down. But running out the door late this morning it was 102 trying to get to the Dog's Bollards TT!

On the MCCT, I went through heaps of bidons. Consumed a lot of fluid as well at Strath and rode home. Don't think I had a pee until I got home. On other rides, have also consumed heaps of fluid and done the same.


Mind you I make sure my bladder is empty before I leave, so I'm lighter on the way to the bollards :)

ET is right - you should be drinking enough to need a leak every hour or so on a long ride. I've read that too much sugar in your drink inhibits effective absorption of water, so the large amount in commercial drinks may be the problem, esp in hot weather.
Thats a good resting BPM :) ... just put my HRM on - sitting on 71 BPM - wonder how low I can get it sitting in front of the computer?
When you wake up on the floor of a Rundle St Cafe with off duty Drs and nurses hovering above you!

Were you wearing your cycling clothes under your jeans at work again?


Was that incident related to your veins or something else?

Maybe when your on a mtb trail and you get overtaken by a person who's wearing thongs  on spd pedals.

I have had the "man flu" (the one that is twice as bad as the one that girls get ;)) for the last week or so.

Had intended doing Norton yesterday (did it a few times on an old Raleigh many moons ago when I was young and fit) but knew early last week that I wouldn't be up to it.

Started holidays too yesterday and had all these great plans of riding every day etc.

Haven't ridden for over a week so I thought I would go from Brighton to McLaren Vale for a nice cruise this arvo.

Headed off via Hallett Cove, felt ok, the last hill on Cove road approaching Lonsdale road seemed harder than normal, I though I was getting a flat tyre initially.

Continued on and was approaching Seaford when everything seemed to give up, not tired or hurting, just no energy.

I stopped for a while and decided to head back home the same way. It felt like I had two half flat tyres all the way home.

Might try doing Outer Harbour tomorrow to see how I go as riding it on Thursday night was part of the original plan.

The last time I felt like that was probably back in the 80's when I used to ride motorcycle enduros and the arms and shoulders would turn to mush near the end a long day.

I believe I am in the unusual situation of being a virgin who has had the bonk :)

Just don't call Mike, Mary.


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