New Adelaide recorded maximum temperature today!

46.6DegC @ 15:36 24 Jan 19

That is West Tce Adelaide Official - Kent Town 47.7DegC @ 15:15!

Gotta admit I did my regular commute today.

Wasn't quite as hot as it had been but something north of 40 of course - arvo return that is. The morning ride was just perfect :-) Kind of good in a sense, didn't get so wet as the sweat just flew off!

That's the last few days of course.

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A nice balmy 28C on Mt Lofty yesterday at 6am. Saw a few die hards about the mount before lunch.

Could have been worse, not very much wind yesterday afternoon.

I decided to avoid my usual commute home through kent town...due to it being 47°C there and went down to the Torren's instead. Added an extra kilometer to the commute but had the added bonus of not needing to stop and wait in the sun at intersections...or that stupid Portrush road/Beulah rd crossing.

some observations...

1) almost wished I wore long fingered gloves because the brake levers became almost too home to comfortably touch.

2) pretty sure I have some burns on my thighs from swaying the top tube into them when I was out of the saddle.

3) soaking my sun sleeves in water prior to departing and squirting them from my water bottle at intervals was a genious idea.

4) note to self...don't forget to let the water flow from the drinking fountain for a good minute before you put anything you value near the water.

Hot water? Yep - dropped into a friend's house to turn on the watering system as they are overseas. Wanted a cool drink out of the tap - gads was that water hot at first!!

Regarding stopping at intersections: On very hot days I will usually get off the road to seek some shade on the footpath, while waiting at a red light. Granted that doesn't work if the intersection is not signalised (like Beulah Road crossings, I believe).

Indeed, sitting waiting for the lights or to cross a busy road really are some of the hottest parts of the ride. And yes, I certainly jumped in the shade in a couple of places! Back streets as well are good as there are usually more trees and associated shade to trundle through.

I decided to take the train yesterday. Well done to those who could do it, but I felt like a bit of caution was required, and chose the option which involved being in the heat for the least amount of time. 

It was still over 45 when I would have ridden home some time between 5 and 6 pm.

I changed my commute to go down King William, it was much cooler than the Torrens due to the Shops and offices air conditioning,

but after Vic Sq it was so hot I had to wet my handlebars to cool the brake leavers enough to touch them.

If you cycled on hot Thursday 24-Jan-2019, it is likely the ‘feels like’ temperature was more than 45C.

We know instinctively that it feels hotter in direct sunlight than in the shade, and that it feels hotter on a black bitumen road than in a creek bed where foliage provides shade and evaporative cooling.
The shade WBGT is calculated for an environment shaded from direct (and strong reflected) solar radiation and where surfaces are not significantly hotter or colder than the indicated air temperature.
The Bureau measures ambient temperature – the actual temperature of the air – using thermometers sheltered from sun and wind.
So if you are going to be working or playing outside and you know it is hot, check the 'feels like' temperature and take measures to avoid heat stress.
What is the current ‘feels like’ temperature?
If you are out in the midday sun in Australia, that can increase the apparent temperature by about 8C.
The Bureau website lists weather observations from stations around the country, including ambient and apparent temperature, relative humidity and wind speeds. To check the latest apparent temperature for a given location, open the page for your State / Territory and under ‘Observations’ click ‘latest observations’.
This includes an apparent temperature for the current day, but not for past days or 24-Jan-2019.


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