I hasten to add, the bike is fine. And so am I.

But it WAS deliberate.

To explain, I was on Military Rd approaching the Marlborough St intersection when I was overtaken by a late model red/burgundy car (I think it was a Corolla). He gave me no room, so I yelled at him - partly just to let him know I was there. He gave me the finger.

Then he slows down after the roundabout, and brakes suddenly when I get close. I couldn't stop in time, rear-ended him.

Once I recovered I got his plate as he disappeared, but apparently I got it wrong because the police couldn't locate him on the database.

So be careful of burgundy Toyota's in Henley Beach area guys.

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Or it's a fake number plate! Glad you're ok.

Seems that not being able to track down cars is a common problem. I had a very similar thing happen 4 years ago, got the number plate with 3 witnesses also getting it and the Holden Hill police couldnt find the guy.  Very disappointing stuff, especially as my 3 month old carbon Avanti became a fancy 2 piece bike.


Good to hear you both survived the incident though

I had an incident with a car once and i gave the police their details, looked them up, called them... "erm is this so and so.......no? so this isn't her number? okay sorry"... hangs up. "Sorry mate we don't have their number..."


If I carried out my job at this level of professionalism, I wouldn't have one.

Once when on a Thursday night Ride out to OH there was an incenent with a dark red coloured hatch back car (it was night and im a girl who doesnt get cars) took the rego down, something along the lines of S_ _ _ AKG, and reported to the police (cant remembwr the number but police did give it to police). And they said a similar thing - cant find it on their syslem/the rego didnt point to a red ish car.


Wondering if it's the same guy - the rego I got was SOO AG something, which didn't make sense, but that's what I got.


hmmm indeed…

I have the full detials if you are interested - well the police traffic complaint record # too

Yes please Lee-Anne. Its beginning to look as thought there might be a nutter out there. Three of us have reported similar just on this thread.

I'm going to see what I can find thru ezyreg tonight.

Sounds like cyclists are being fobbed off and they are not really looking up the number plates?

Common problem Simon, was on that road this morning and luckily didn't come across that galoot.

Best advice I can give is to move into the centre of the lane just before a roundabout to make sure the car can't pass you. Most cyclists go through a roundabout quicker than a car so you won't slow them down.

That's what I do Peter, if you stay far left then cars try to overtake you on the roundabout.

yep, do that - this guy just didn't care, squeezed me out.

And Peter, that's the law... if the drivers don't like it, they should hand in their license.


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