History in the Making on the South Rd Overpass - Will You Be #1?

Overpass ramp on the western side.

An update from the Torrens2Torrens Project today tells us that: 

"Weather permitting, the shared use path is scheduled to be open at 8am, Tuesday 31st July. There will still be some finishing works to complete along the shared use path and as such, some temporary closures of the path outside of peak hour periods (10am – 3pm) may be required, until full completion of works. We will install advance warning signage to alert users if temporary closures are required.

As noted, there is still some of the brickwork to be completed so the ramp leading up to the bridge will be narrowed using temp fencing and bollards so the workers can keep laying the bricks. Unfortunately cyclists will need to dismount due to the width of the gap on the ramp but hopefully this will only be for a couple of weeks."

Who's going to go down in history as the first to ride over? Whoever you are, we'll need the photographic evidence! ;-)

Eastern Overpass ramp, Coglin Street crossing.

Dog-leg ramp to McInnes Street,eastern side.

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That gap at the bottom of the ramp was being concreted yesterday, and I offered to be the first to ride it! My suggestion was sadly rejected. Anyhow, can't see myself hanging around it at the unnatural hour of 8am so someone else will have to get the honours.

This is really good timing, I'll be starting a commute over there the next day.

There's going to be a chief road overpass too, isn't there? Assuming that's still under construction for a while longer.

Chief St has a shiny new footbridge installed but no path on the Adelaide side. There's some legal argy bargy going on about access to the section behind the old gas works, a Besser block building and a historic stone wall need to be demolished before the path works can proceed. At least you can easily detour around the north side of the gas works.

Adam, the Chief Street Bridge has been in place for several weeks and is connected to the South Road overpass by a new entirely & off-road and well-lit pathway. You'll be able to ride from the Overpass as far as Coglin Street but not - I suspect further on to Chief Street. I can't see them opening the path as far as the Chief Street Bridge as the pathway on the other/Eastern has not yet been constructed. So there would be no point. The last bit of pathway is only about 150 metres long but it goes through the old SAGASCO/Gasometer site which is subject to a number of heritage matters that I understand are yet to be dealt with. When this last section opens is as yet unclear... Sam

Jilden has put the situation better than I have. Basically, coming from the CBD/Bowden side you have to take a detour around the gasworks site (down East St) then around and back up Chief St towards the new bridge. Because you can't access the Greenway at Chief St you have to detour westwards down First St (alongside the rail line) until you get to Coglin where you can rejoin the OHG ramp up to the Overpass. It's annoying but no big deal really. The issues associated with the gasworks site are not of a legal nature - there is indeed the stone wall Jilden mentions but there's also apparently an ancient siding. Both have to be processed by the heritage people and it seems the siding has to be conserved. Heaven knows why - they are just stones after all. Anyway it will all be resolved soon (as Sir Humphrey says, 'in the fullness of time...')

Photos! Demonstrating time & date! From the top of the bridge!

Where is this exactly? I assume you're on some sort of email list, because I can't find any mention e.g. here https://www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au/nsc/torrens_road_to_river_torr... 


The top photo of the ramp that we've been waiting completion on was taken at the western end of the new South Road rail overpass. It's at the 'stubby' end of Day Trc, just off Queen Street, Croydon.

The project is being completed by the T2T Project Consortium - not sure why there's no update at the InfrastructureSA site - and yes, I'm on the T2T Project mail list. You can read the original post of their update here at PortBUG's blog page. Just in case you or anybody else is interested, I'm trying to re-post all such news of more general interest at the BISA f/b page, the Port Adelaide Bicycle Forum and the f/b group, Active Transport Adelaide. I am a strong supporter of A/C, but it seems that large numbers only use f/b these days...


Just so y'know I'm not b/s-ing 'bout tomorrow...

The CycleInstead Journey Planner also has the new path on it, FYI.

Thanks Gemma - fast work on the Journey Planner! I'd like to congratulate you and everyone else at DPTI and T2T on completion of the project. It would be very interesting to see pics of the ramps and bridge at night with the lights on. Riding around it yesterday I was impressed by the general quality of design and finishing. It's not quite the 'Little Green One' in Holland but it's pretty good. Maybe we'll get a bright green sinuous structure next time around? Maybe to take the Northern Connector Bikeway over the PREXY...?

Yeah - no doubt Dave. This is a bike-bridge only though. It's on the Arnhem to Nijmegen bikeway. The Bike Dutch article I link to is worth reading. Here's a brief extract:

"The bridge is a vital part of the circa 16 kilometres (10 miles) long high-speed cycle route from Nijmegen to Arnhem called RijnWaalPad that is nearing completion. It is expected to be finished late 2014.

The Little Green One is well over 120 metres (about 400Ft) long and takes an expected daily number of about 2,000 to 4,000 people cycling over a brand new ring road (Graaf Alardsingel) north of Nijmegen with an expected number of around 50,000 to 60,000 motor vehicles per day."

It's this last bit that prompted me to mention a bike-bridge over the PREXY! The 'Little Green One' spans a not-dissimilar 6-lane highway! Adelaide needs a 'Little Green One'! Maybe several of them...


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