Here’s What Australians Don’t Get About Cycling — And Why It’s A Problem 

With an easy rewrite it could be:

Australian cities are losing out on significant financial benefits [Adelaide?? except it's revenue model is based on car parking fee...mind numbing]

Many commuters see cycling as a form of exercise, not convenient transport, and cities are still being built around automobiles. [yep all new development is still constructed without segregated bicyle infrastructure]

Australians often perceive cyclists as extreme athletes...going for a hundred-mile ride on a Saturday...are intense cyclists, and risk scaring off casual bike riders... it's like having race walkers doing the talking for pedestrians [true indeed]

That view of biking as exercise, instead of transport, fuels the concern that cyclists will arrive at the office sweaty, without a way to clean off....common fix by Australian workplaces that want to encourage cycling is to install another manifestation of the cycling-as-exercise image. [yep or ACC trying to do the right thing by putting up shower facilities in Hindmarsh square]

Many Australian cities are working to improve cycling infrastructure, but don’t always do so intelligently. Bike lanes are often placed to the left of parked cars, putting cyclists between moving traffic and doors that can open at any time.  [yep Pirie Street is a perfect example. Twice (2002 and 2011) we have paid Jan Gehl to make a report which strongly recommends putting in proper bicycle infrastructure and still ACC gets it wrong]

This doesn’t keep cyclists safe,” ... a “brain fart"

...changing the infrastructure of Australian cities built in the age of the automobile. ...the same challenge. No difference. Copenhagen, for example, is a 20th century invention outside the medieval city centre, all built since 1900.” [one couldn't wish for wider and better street to put in proper bicycle infrastructure than Adelaide]

Australian cities don’t need to reinvent the wheel, they just need to copy what the cities that did make the Copenhagenize top 20 are doing. If biking can be presented as a convenient way to get around — one that also offers financial and health benefits — the cyclists will come. [do it right and stop reinventing the wheel when we can just copy the initiatives - which we have even plenty of consultant hours on]

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Maybe people are becoming a little tired of your 'Holier than thou' attitude towards Australians !  Your heading says it all.


I only read this post because you commented Derek. Otherwise I avoid Copenhagen type stuff like the plague!

...Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen 
Friendly old girl of a town 
'Neath her tavern light 
On this merry night 
Let us clink and drink one down 
To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen 
Salty old queen of the sea 
Once I sailed away 
But I'm home today 
Singing Copenhagen, wonderful, wonderful 
Copenhagen for me!

Thanks for the feedback. As I understand it not just cyclists who read this website but also politicians etc who are actively working to improve the conditions. And as long as those interest group seems to be getting it only half right (or wrong) then I believe there is reason to try to enlighten them. Not really whinging as I see it but merely pointing out the areas for improvement and recommendations to resolve them. The Australians/Americans in the article are the ons that sit on the outside (literally) and observe and conclude what it means to be a cyclist, so no reason to get offended. Just saying there is more to cyclingc than carbon and Lycra. It is the icing on the cake but beneath it we would better off if we had a culture of the bike as natural way of getting around (for shorter distances).

As for a discussion on faster wheels I'll see what I can do, but the late 90'es campy group set on my 1981 steely Koga Miyata bike might not hack it :-)


Keep up the fight for better infrastructure though.  The world needs passionate people to drown out the vocally ignorant.


I thought the site was for all cyclists. If you don't like what Ken is interested in discussing don't read it. Stick to the sections that interest you, no need disparage Ken's contribution in his post. I'm pretty sure he doesn't pop up in other people's discussions about Strava, fast wheels, where to try saddles etc.

Adelaide Cyclists - for everyone who rides a bike in Adelaide, SA.

The heading (and the text) are a reworking of the article in the link "Here’s What Americans Don’t Get About Cycling — And Why It’s A Problem".  It doesn't work if you don't replace "Americans" with "Australians"

Any heading that states "Here's what Australians don't get about cycling" is going to be read by most.  It is not the first time we have had this anti-Australian thread from similar authors on this site,  

 For those of us who defended this Country, it was in part to make sure that we would all have our say and speak our mind.   Just because you or anybody else makes a statement or claim, doesn't mean that I might disagree and tell you so.  Anyway I am not interested in Copenhagen bike lanes etc, etc so I will not read anything any of you guys have to say in the future, but feel free to continue, of course.

Oh goody, it's un-Ozstrayian to point out that cycling infrastructure in this country is a poor joke. WTF? Because of course OZstraya is number one in everything - Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, Oy, Oy, Oy. You know that'd be just about unbelievable, but it is such a prevalent attitude that it can't be ignored. I do wonder if any of the detractors have ever cycled in a country with proper cycling infrastructure and huge modal share? I guess not - cause that'd mean going to some sub par part of the world outside of the nirvana which is Ozstraya.

as the 'author' of the original post, which was merely a rewrite from an American based website which wasn't afraid to be considered offensive by it's countrymen, I suggest this thread is put to rest. I had no intention of being anti-Australian, I guess I'm as Australian as most people in here, but just trying to get perspective of what there is such a skewed perception of what 'cycling' is in this country, with the intend to improve (which will take decades) the infrastructure and public perception for mamils, hipsters and everyday people alike. Yes I am little surprised of some of the comments, in particular the ones that overseas best practices (that a large portion of the remaining world is busy adopting) should be ignored or not adapted, but hey everyone is absolutely free to have their own opinion. Happy cycling everyone

The Avenues Shopping Centre in St Peters is going through an upgrade (almost complete).  Part of the upgrade appears to have been to remove the bike rails that used to be there and replace them with more carparking.  I can't believe this can pass whatever approval process they needed for the upgrade.  Minor rant over.  (I don't know if this has been brought up elsewhere.  If it has, sorry.  This seemed a good place to do it.)


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