Help DPTI prioritise arterial road cycling improvements

DPTI is seeking feedback to prioritise cycling infrastructure projects for further investigation and possible inclusion in the 2013-14 Arterial Road Bicycle Facilities Program. 

To review potential projects and have your say, see

Colin Maher

Cycling and Walking Section, DPTI,

Potential projects

New bicycle lanes

Improve existing bicycle lanes Improve arterial road crossings along low-traffic BikeDirect routes ('bicycle boulevards')
1. Separated bicycle lane trial on Port Road Stage 2 from Park Tce to South Rd (outbound direction only) 9. Longer bicycle lane operating hours on key arterial roads 17. Airport Bike Route: median refuges at South Rd and Marion Rd
2. Bicycle lanes on Addison Road & Cheltenham Parade from St Clair Av to Grand Junction Rd (to operate during peak hours) 10. Green bicycle lanes at intersections with cyclist crash history and high volumes of cyclists 18. Beulah Rd Bike Route: median refuge at Fullarton Rd
3. Bicycle lanes on Dequetteville Terrace from Wakefield Rd to Rundle St 11. Anzac Highway: extend bicycle lanes to intersections from Brighton Rd to Marion Rd 19. Grant Avenue & Alexandra Avenue Bike Route: bike box on Grant Av at Fullarton Rd and improvements at Portrush Rd crossing
4. Bicycle lanes on Findon Road & Rowell Road from Henley Beach Rd to Grange Rd (to operate during peak hours) 12. Churchill Road: new bicycle lanes from Palmer Av to Gladstone Av* 20. Levels-City Bikeway: bicycle signal at North East Rd and median refuge at Grand Junction Rd
5. Bicycle lanes on Old Port Road from Frederick Rd to Port Rd* 13. Greenhill Road: new bicycle lane from Glen Osmond Rd to Fullarton Rd 21. Rugby Street Bike Route: median refuge at Cross Rd
6. Bicycle lanes on Portrush Road from Magill Rd to Greenhill Rd 14. Henley Beach Road: extend bicycle lanes to intersections from Airport Rd to James Congdon Dr
7. Bicycle lanes on Main North Road from Frost Rd / Clayson Rd to Smith Rd / Park Tce 15. Magill Road: extend bicycle lanes to intersections at: Fullarton Rd, Glyburn Rd and St Bernards Rd / Penfold Rd
8. Bicycle lanes on Main North Road from Smith Rd / Park Tce to The Grove Way (Main North Rd installation is phased due to cost) 16. Rundle Street, Kent Town cycling improvements

*pending the completion of adjacent development projects

Projects on the list with a crash history are eligible for State Black Spot Cycling funding. Within the amount of funding available from these two programs, we anticipate being able to complete 8-12 of the potential projects listed. Projects selected will be completed by the end of June 2014.

For more information on DPTI programs that improve the cycling network on local streets and off-road paths see the Greenway and Cycle Paths program and state grants available to councils.

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The Danish Cycling Concepts manual was updated last year and can be found here. Not sure that is really matters since the one from 2000 is still 30 years ahead of any Australian guideline unfortunately.

What I don't understand is that some high up in the bureaucracy of infrastructure road safety whatever in Canberra or something doesn't sit down and take the best of the Dutch and Danish and potentially other overseas manual (from bicycle friendly countries) and completely rewrite the Aust guidelines. I reckon a bunch of bicycle advocates could do it. What we are currently doing is piecemeal approaches that are 2 steps forward 1 back at best (green paint, bike boxes and other crappy initiatives etc.) rather than taking the bull by the horn and reforming the streets. All the information is right there at the fingertip for free.

Once the guidelines are in place any upgrade/maintenance to existing roads would automatically be done to best practises rather than having to remember to include bicycle infrastructure each and every time.

Yes, however the footbridge is to pander to the football, cricket and tennis fraternity, as usual.  I reckon we could take the $5M for the insulation of the Greek Orthodox church under the flight path plus a share of the millions for the cricket world cup thing amongst other useless spending in the federal budget and make something wonderful happen.

Considering that for the last 11 years, Australians have bought more bicycles than new cars, when will the authorities 'pander' to cyclist safety? Bicycle owners are not a minority, although cyclists might be due to safety fears of riding on our roads.

For years I have been advocating for cycling with few gains. Do we need to get the message out at elections (federal, state and local govt)? Will cyclists help with this, e.g. become a candidate or ask awkward questions of candidates.

P.S. I have been injured thrice by negligent drivers; lost three cycling friends to negligent drivers; and have many acquaintances and friends who have been hit, injured, maimed or killed on the roads.

#1. Separated bike lane on Port Rd.   If this is to be a refurbishment or reinstatement of existing but neglected and partly-destroyed infrastructure, then perhaps it should not be on this list of "proposed works" (=capital expenditure), but should rather be subsumed under the heading "maintenance of existing works".

(Comment made on webform.)

Could Anzac Hwy be under the same guise?

Possibly, but the destruction on Anzac hwy is total.

I wonder if these paths were ever officially "closed".

I wonder if these paths were ever officially "closed".

Hmmm. David, you are interested in history of SA transport. Can you find out?

David are you talking about bike lanes or bike paths. The bike lanes on both Port Road and Anzac Highway are still there. The off-road central-median bike paths, which were never properly completed on either road have largely disappeared. For very good reasons I might add because they did very little, if anything, for continuity, connectivity or safety for bicycle users.

Bike lanes were not included on Portrush Road because it was conceived at the time as a heavy vehicle route. Those involved had no brief to cater for any other roads users...


The plantation-side separated bike path on Port Rd was completed (1930's?) and was continuous from the Hindmarsh roundabout to Grand Junction Road  (SW side).  The path was bi-directional.  Parts of this still remain, but in poor condition.

The Anzac Hwy paths were on the footpath side, between the carriageway (in general terms (not ARR!) loosely, but improperly, called "road") and the footpath.  While I cannot remember these paths, it is only in recent years that the kerb ramps (which I can remember) for them have been removed.

Certainly for the Port Rd path, the principal cause of destruction and/or discontinuity has been the construction of slip-lanes/additional lanes to cater for turning motor traffic at signalised intersections.  This is probably the case with the Anzac Hwy paths as well.

I remember the Anzac Highway bike path being removed sometime in the 70s.  I remember watching a This Day Tonight (or whatever the ABC 7.30 current affairs program was called at the time) segment on it being taken out. 

They treated it as a bit of a joke, removing an  anachronism, filming a cyclist trying to ride on an old, overgrown path.

It would appear sorting out the entry/exit of the Lofty bikepath isn't even a blip on the radar!

Leave your comment on the DPTI page or send Colin an email ( It's worth pushing for it if the reply can only be thanks for bringing to their attention.


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