I've suddenly found myself in need of a new helmet...

I'm looking for ideas for a road helmet in the 80-100 range (I really don't fancy spending much more than this).  Needs to be comfortable and provide good air flow.  My current thought is this:

This looks the goods, is AS/NZ standards compliant and has plenty of ventilation (the missus thinks its a little lairy but it does also come in black and silver).  However, I know nothing of the brand or its performance.  Any thoughts on this or alternatives?

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Hmm, I got a bee in my helmet the other day, with ventilation holes that large, you might get magpies in there with you :)

I have seen helmets with a screen over the air duct to keep out bees, etc so maybe it's worth looking at them.

For ventilation to actually work, the exit holes have to be much larger (3x springs to mind but I can't remember from where) than the inlet so keep an eye on that.

Put it on in the shop, look in a mirror and see how much of a dork you look ie, TRY to see the dork in the image which is what others will be subconsciously doing.

It does occur to me that the brighter and lairier the better in the hope it'll make  you easier to see ... or is that 'harder to ignore'? Also, check that you can fit one of them little band on lights you can buy these days ... and fit one (they're darned useful when you get caught be dodgy light).

Finally, just like the bike, buy the one you fall in love with. They all do the same job (ie, protect the brain) and all do it to a pretty high standard (because they all meet the Oz standard) ... provided you fall right (added for the anti-helmet nazi's).

Richard, when the bee was in your helmet, did it sting you?

When riding, no matter how puffed, I try to keep my mouth shut, for the very reason that I do not want a bee to go in, like it did in your helmet.

My brother-in-law was a rep for a company and while out driving on the job, he saw a female cyclist riding along up ahead.  All of a sudden she fell over to the left and off the bike.  He pulled up, as did another driver and they rushed over to see if she was OK and find out what happened.  When they got to her, she was writhing around on the ground clutching at her throat. They did not know what to do. She went blue and passed out.  When the ambulance officers arrived, she was dead. 

They were told that a bee had stung her on the neck and it swelled up and blocked off her airway.  Unless they were medically trained and competent at performing a tracheotomy, then there was nothing that could have helped the poor woman.

Even though I do not have an allergy to bees, I know that when I have been stung, I do swell up a bit.  I would hate to have a sting inside the mouth or throat.  Especially not to swallow one.

By the way, Darren, sorry to digress - that helmet does look really cool.  (not dork)  but now that Richard has made that comment, I would go for something with a mesh as well.

Richard, when the bee was in your helmet, did it sting you?

Do you know how quickly you can stop a bike, rip a helmet off and swipe your hands through your hair a thousand times? No? I do now!

No, I wasn't stung and fortunately, suffer no reactions, but it was pretty scary at the time. Something I'll be considering come the next helmet purchase.

As for your brother-in-law's story - I've been at the scene of a wrong outcome accident and it still lives with me. I feel for him, especially when you consider that the incident was comparitively trivial (as opposed to a B-double in the wrong place and time).

I had not thought about swallowing a bee but have swallowed other insects while riding.

Katrina, a bee story with no negative outcome but caused me to think. I was driving while wearing thongs (on my feet -- I am Aus not US), when a bee landed on the top of my left foot and under the strap. Most likely using the brake pedal would have resulted in a distracting sting. Then realised I could use the hand brake, so pulled over to shoo the bee away.

Glad you cleared up the "wearing thongs" comment - I for one wasn't sure... ;)

that's a nice looking helmet, what they retailing for ?

They retail for $120 but are on sale for $90.  As Heather mentioned, larger vents may allow things to penetrate - maybe I need something more like this:

These are great!  You could scare away all the car drivers!  Clear the roads for fellow cyclists!

Only problem I see here is:  you've gone from over ventilation to no ventilation...

But nothing else would get in!

Outstanding magpie protection!

These look like they would keep out the mozzies, as well as the oxygen...

Yes, it is a nice looking helmet. Richard did not add that the bigger the vent holes, the easier it is for something to penetrate and reach your skull, e.g. car bits or handlebars.


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