Helmets that meet AS/NZA 2063 standard, but don't have sticker. OK?

Hi all,

Was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on requirements for helmets as most research I've done has come up pretty fuzzy.

My parents ordered a POC helmet for my wife as a gift, via Amazon Australia (not international) from a store with a nominally Australian name. Now the helmet does have a label saying it complies with the required AS/NZA 2063 standard (and it is a model sold here), however neither the box or the helmet have the Australian Standard sticker on it (the one with the ticks).

(For what it's worth, I have the same helmet for myself in a larger size which I bought from a brick & motor store, and it does have the sticker on it)

The seller is adamant that it is compliant, but I cannot find any information on the legality of helmets that are compliant but don't have the sticker. Even the government's own website says nothing about it (only that it needs a bunch of safety instructions like not using it for motorbikes, don't modify it, etc.)

So what's the actual position?


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Funnily enough, the helmet (POC Crane) was originally ordered from Cycle Closet, but they ultimately were unable to get it in in that size. Pumpt have them as well (I bought mine there), but it seems the S/M sizes are very hard to come by.

Given the time of year, I thought I would resurrect this thread.

Gemma K has explained the requirements for a legal helmet, Australian sourced helmets are more expensive as they have to be made for and tested and passed for the Australian public as the standard in some areas has a tougher requirement than other markets.

An approved helmet will have a sticker on it, that sticker will say "do not remove" along with who it was issued by, a serial number and "certified product".  If that sticker is not on the helmet it is non-compliant even if the sticker was there previously, once removed the helmet can't be used.

There may also be a sticker with a batch number on it, if new there will be, if old that may have come off.

So buyer beware.


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