Due to the silly riding weather, will be opening the doors super early to beat the heat. On both Saturday and Sunday from 5am through to around 6:30am-ish, we will be offering free earlybird cups of one of our exclusive siphon brews :

"The Chewbacca"

Deep brewed Columbian Supremo, served over ice, with a luscious topping of organic cacao. A classic kickstarter for a warm day out.

Or alternatively, feel free to have a delicious iced fruit water instead - lemon, lime and kiwi fruit water with ice. Dig into it ! Better still - have one of each.
To qualify for this special offer, just park your bike in the bike garden out the front, mention AC, and let us know what you prefer.  If we get enough people out, we should be able to extend the AC earlybird scheme through the week too.

What is LaMusette anyway ?
From the French word 'Musette' - The Feed Bag, as found in the feed zone of all good stage races.

We are a specialist cycling cafe and gallery - by riders, for riders - situated at the Bay.
(Directions :   15 Moseley St, about 100m south of Jetty Rd, in the old red brick building on the corner of College St. Bikes everywhere, you cant miss us).

We offer a variety of cycling foods and beverages from our ultra smooth siphon coffees  (highly addictive and not so good for you), through to amazing banana smoothies, EPO juice, and cocaine bars (much better for you).

Free bananas, floor pump, cycling library, bidon refills, group rides, communal group ride table, wifi, etc.  Plus more of course.

We are still operating in stealth mode .. so the more bikes we attract in the bike garden out the front of the shop, the better.  Over the next few weeks its going to get pretty crazy with the TDU in town, so now is a good time get familiar with the place, and see what we are all about before the TDU madness descends on us all.

Cheers, and great riding to all !

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A coffee named after me....pretty awesome :)

Shot over ice is the way to go. That is the coffee you made me on opening day, a really nice one for a hot day. 

Very true .... I should possibly call it the DStone as well, but the Chewbacca is a just little hairy-er of course.

Having a crack now at cooking cocaine bars on the premises too. Will see how the little oven works for that task.

Is that legal? ;)

I will swing past next time down the bay fo sure. :)

Get on the EPO Harley. The real hot sauce!

Had a good run this morning, with a lot of new faces swinging through to try out a siphon brew.  Many thanks to the guys who have stopped past to show off their bikes out the front .... its the only way that seems to communicate to the various packs riding through that this is some sort of cycling facility :)   Works for me.


So ... its time then for:

Melting Monday

A ridiculous 40 deg day tomorrow, so we will run it again, and extend the hours out just a little.

Complimentary Chewbaccas and/or Iced Fruit Water for any AC cyclists who drop in before 7am on Monday. Its perfect riding conditions first thing in the morning, and I don't think there is much else open before 7am anyway ... so please feel free to drop by.

4:30am - 7am, get in before the rush.  

Can vouch for the refreshing iced fruit waters. My daughter and I had some yesterday. Also noticed that as we parked our bikes the passing cyclists eyeballed the shop, so what Steve says is right.
Also saw on a TDU post on Facebook that someone referenced La Musette as a cyclists cafe. The word is spreading. :)

I was so very tempted to drop in this morning but a dire need for sleep won.  Perhaps a flat, pre-work ride tomorrow... Hmmmm...

Sounds great, keep advertising, 

A wet morning for Sunday perhaps ? 

Early bird siphon coffees are on again for Sunday at La Musette, Glenelg.

Sunday, 6am to 7am  -   $2 Columbian Supremo's for AC readers.

We are the only place open from Dawn, the only place with cocaine bars, EPO, and ....other cool things that you will have to see for yourself :)

If you are passing through the Bay tomorrow, beat the queues and crowds, and checkout our little cyclists clubhouse for something completely different.



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