Yesterday there was a stiff northerly on my homeward commute. I swapped turns with another guy all the way from Glenelg to Semaphore, which was great. We kept up a reasonable speed, certainly more than I could ride solo.

But for my part it wasn't pretty. I was pretty much toasted when I got home.

I know it's like hills, the only way to improve is to ride them, often. Which I do. But I'm wondering if there are any other tips? 

I try and keep my forearms horizontal when I'm on the hoods, or get lower when I'm in the drops. And I try to spin, and keep my upper body still, work from my hips. But that's all I've got…

Any ideas gratefully tried out :-)

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head down, elbows in

Had a 200km ride last Saturday to Nuriootpa...First 100km into a nasty head wind.

Good time to be riding in a group, at least you can take turns.

That being said, make sure your bike fit is comfortable when on the drops and stay there...

yep, like you said, keep low, cadence up.

I passed a guy yesterday into the headwind at west lakes, said g'day to him, then he sat on my wheel till largs and disappeared without a word of thanks, rude bastard.

Thankfully the wind wasn't as strong as I was expecting yesterday, so it wasn't too bad.

Chuckle... Wasn't me!
On the drops and spin, it's the only way

Get a power meter and just ride your normal wattage you ride home on your commute. Keep your cadence 80-100rpm.

Head wind? What head wind? Wattage is wattage. Doesnt matter if side, tail or head wind.

Buy a recumbent.

Or a velomobile!

Living the dream, one laid back rotation at a time!

Compact cranks? 

Just kidding :P Your own tips sound good. Not much else you can do. I've found that swearing at the wind, doesn't seem to help, but it can feel good.

LOL havn't tried that. #%*&@ WIND! I'll give that a go.
And then I don't have to swear! Liking it!

Eat lots of baked beans, then heading into the wind, head down, tail up, and get a boost from the 'tail' wind (a.k.a. break wind).


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