Yesterday there was a stiff northerly on my homeward commute. I swapped turns with another guy all the way from Glenelg to Semaphore, which was great. We kept up a reasonable speed, certainly more than I could ride solo.

But for my part it wasn't pretty. I was pretty much toasted when I got home.

I know it's like hills, the only way to improve is to ride them, often. Which I do. But I'm wondering if there are any other tips? 

I try and keep my forearms horizontal when I'm on the hoods, or get lower when I'm in the drops. And I try to spin, and keep my upper body still, work from my hips. But that's all I've got…

Any ideas gratefully tried out :-)

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When I rode to Perth, solo, no support car, I literally rode into varying levels of head winds for solid 2 weeks. That epic taught me that the reasons head winds are called head winds is cos they are all in our head.

I did a 200k ride last week on that really windy day. I was spinning into the 40kph northerly and I could see a rider catching up behind like he wanted to smash past, so I upped the wattage by about 80w and he stayed in my mirror, tried to catch up, blew up then did a U turn when he realized he wasnt going to fly past me. I bet if there was no head wind he would have kept hammering to try and pass me.

People crack emselves. Head winds are just a weather condition that we can't control so no point getting frustrated about it.

Relax and enjoy the ride. :)

lol  worked for me while riding along the Northern Express way yesterday.  ( and it was not that bad compared to today. )   

if you can ride on more sheltered roads the head wind may be reduced.

The esplanade is often windy because it is very exposed on one side.

A wide highway will be more exposed than a smaller side street.

Yup, I had a gorgeous day out today, 44km/h up South Rd (checking out the superway) with the wind behind me and 14 with the wind in my face. Select a gear and turbo boost on all that extra air being rammed down your throat. That's what gears were invented for. When you want a break, troll the back streets!

I must be a masochist - my commute is south to Glenelg. I always stick to Seaview Rd/Esplanade… Some days I get to work and have to spit out the sand.


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