Hi guys i have been looking for a while now and i am running out of time. I do not want to spend heaps and a set of Lights for the Bike. i do not at this stage ride after 7pm and b4 6am. I'm on a tight, very tight budget but now in the need for some lights if i need to work back at work?

I have seen the Red Zone but $100 is a bit pricey, is there an others and what Wattage or Lumms is enough.

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I have got some pedal nation usb rechargeble they have a silicone body with the mounting staps built in. The are so bright you cant look at them and thay where only 14.95 ea... bargin


Throw mine into the mix


comes with Aussie adaptor, as the Dealextreme may not (maybe someone can clarify).

+1.. although I have the 1,000 lumens .. very bright and noo way ANY person can miss not seeing them front on..

I Bought these Kong Boomer lights on-line from Cycle Express a few months ago .
They're very light , bright ,in waterproof rubber boots ,USB rechargable, and very easy to attach & remove .
I would recommend them ,,check them out : http://www.cyclingexpress.com/cycle/knog-boomer-usb-re-chargeable-l... 

just received new tail lights today, 2 watt (still blinded from playing with)


$37 and usb

I recently purchased oneof these lights on ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fluxient-3x-XM-L-T6-Race-solid-swivel-mo...

 I have showed this light to a heap of people I ride with and everyone agrees this is possibly the brightest light they have seen.  Has High medium, low and high flashing modes.    Battery life is excellent at least 2 plus hours on high. Awesome quality.  I think it is about 2500 lumens.  Cost about $220 including freight from UK.   Even on low beam coming down Greenhill road its lke day light without blinding other riders coming up the hill. It is easily  as bright as car lights.  I had a car with spot lights recently blind me by failing to dip their lights, I simply flicked to high and they immediately dipped their lights.

worth a look for sure.

Hi Dean

Last year there was a big rush on the Expillion lights from Cell Bikes. I bought one and I use it all the time, especially in poor light in the morning or twilight or cloudy conditions and on country roads.

It is one of the best purchases of last year. It  was about $100. On the lower setting  (still very bright) it lasts about 10 hours (ie 5 days commuting) before needing a recharge.

'Basta'  is a really good tail light, about $30 I think.

I can give you my crappy old Nimh that lasts a couple of hours if you want!

If Dean is looking for bright but cheap light, would not be too hard to get into a habit of putting on charge every night when one gets home.


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