Hi guys i have been looking for a while now and i am running out of time. I do not want to spend heaps and a set of Lights for the Bike. i do not at this stage ride after 7pm and b4 6am. I'm on a tight, very tight budget but now in the need for some lights if i need to work back at work?

I have seen the Red Zone but $100 is a bit pricey, is there an others and what Wattage or Lumms is enough.

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It depends what you want your front light to do. If you want it just to standout, I would recommend the LifeLine little thing on wiggle. They cost $5 and they are bright for what they are... hell buy three, two on the bars and one on the helmet. The battery life is long and for the back, I have the 10LED cateye which is fantastic, or even the 5LED long back light. 

All up you won't spend more than $65 with this kit above.

If you want to see the road and have a strong front light in one, AY-UP are fantastic. They are expensive though but Australian company and rechargable at the powerpoint.

The Tioga Dual Eye rear lights got a good review from Bicycle Network Victoria. I bought one from Clark's in the eastern suburbs for $25 last August. Pleased with it. Attached mine to my helmet.

+1.. very good tail lights

+1 for the Tioga

Hi Dean

Bicycle Victoria'd RideOne magazine just did their annual survey of bike lights. Although I don't necessarily agree with all of their results (my cygolite, which you can see from space, was rated 9th out of ten high powered lights) their Best Value front light was the Planet Bike Beamer 5 (www.cellbikes.com.au sell it for $35) and the Best in Test and Best Value Rear light was the Tioga Dual Eyes ($35). You can currently get the Tioga for $19 from www.bumsonbikes.com.au (with $9 shipping). If you wanted to get a front and rear package from bumsonbikes they also sell the Tioga ET Headlight (which is USB rechargeable) for $25 which came in 8th in the front light test. http://www.cyclingsports.com.au also sell all three of the lights I mentioned.

BV measured lumen output from all their lights but found no real correlation between lumens and visibility. They really base their ratings on how visible the lights are to an observer (ie a car driver) rather than a light that lights up the road

Dont you love how cell bikes put huge RRPs to make the discounts look huge. Some of their "sale" price are more expensive then LBS regular. Sorry for getting off track.

Spend enough to get you more then legal as a minimum. You only have one life!

I bought two of these through Ebay  $80 each.. very very good during the day in flashing mode and very bright at night..Cree LED 1,000 Lumen Rechargeable Lights.. this listing off Ebay   http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/sis.html?_kw=New+Mountain+Bike+Cree+LED+...

To just have with you in-case you get caught after dark virtually any light will stop you getting a fine and be better than nothing.

If the headlight needs to be bright enough to see by as opposed to getting seen you will need a better (more expensive) light.

For just the occasional ride at modest speed the disposable batteries are likely to be adequate.

for occasional use somthing like this should be ok

For a basic back light these seem good

if you are riding in a group using flashing mode (especially on high power) can be irritating to other riders

Can always turn off the flashing mode

yes you can but many people don't


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