Blue (or more recently green) cat eyes are installed on roadways to quickly indicate the location of cover-lids to access water mains in an emergency (water mains leak, fire). The technical name is RetroReflective Pavement Marker or RRPM.

There are guidelines for the installation of blue RRPMs. They are supposed to be installed on the median or near the road centre line. They are NOT to be installed within intersections, within slip lanes or bicycle lanes, on unsealed roads, or on winding sections of roads.

Please be cautious when riding near RRPMs, because of the potential for a light-weight bicycle with two skinny tyres to skid, causing the cyclist to crash. I know of a cyclist who crashed on an RRPM and broke his arm.

In Nov-2018 I saw two RRPMs recently installed incorrectly in North Adelaide, and I am told there are more in the area.

If you see incorrectly installed blue RRPMs, please let me know the location and extra detail. I will compile a list to report to the authorities.

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As a cyclist of many years, but fairly new to Adelaide, the countless manhole covers in the bike lanes were enough of a thing to get used to - pinch flats, loss of traction and the like, but these add a whole new dimension to the hazards... they are nothing but pimples for the 4WD / SUV / 2-tonne tank brigade to run over, but for 23mm tyres at 120 psi, they are major obstacles... I am thinking that a mountain bike is required to negotiate some of the roads...

I prefer the trails, except for the sticks / dogs that seem to jump up into the front wheels - but sometimes, riding on roads is necessary... I don't need further hazards, I should be looking ahead and around, not down...

Thanks for your advocacy!

Spotted King William Road outside Festival Plaza, Manhole cover replaced at 90 deg from original position. see photo

 Cateye is now useless as a reflector and more dangerous to road users. 

Equal2Lance2, thanks, and keep the notes and photos coming. When our tally is larger, I will make a formal report to authorities. Also ask that TS 135 be improved by adding that RRPM not to be installed on top of a cover-lid.


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