My estimated power and calories are a lot higher than others on leader boards even though my times are slower. Maybe these people and their bikes are a lot lighter than me but I'm thinking a lot of people haven't entered their gear 

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How do most people go about weighing their bike? Stand on the bathroom scales holding the bike, then subtract your own weight?

That's a good idea. I put mine on a pallet scale at work. It's 16kg and I'm 90kg. I'm thinking because I'm moving 106kg is why my power and calories are higher

I weigh my bikes with a portable digital luggage scale - - they are very cheap on-line, less than $15.

My bikes weights are in there (-:
It would be a little more as I haven't added bidon, locks, spare tubes et al ..

I have never worked out how they work out the calories  even with a HRM  running   Strava is different to Runtastic  and the other programs I have tried.   never the same   

your own weight is fully dressed with shoes on, two bidons of water, helmet and pump tools etc that you carry


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