Yesterday morning, on my way to the Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop, I was harrased by a dog.

The dog was being walked without a leash and ran after me, barking, growling and baring it teeth at me, 20 cm or so from my heels. It was a fully grown, brown Coker Spaniel.

I called (yelled really) at the owner to control her dog but she displayed complete indifference, the dog not responding to being called by it's name.

This is probably the 3rd time in about 6 or 9 months that this has happened - same dog and same owner.

Late yesterday I thought - enough is enough - and wrote a letter of complaint with details of time, location etc to the Elected Member for my suburb (Burnside Council).

I received an email back from the Cr this morning - quoted below - but I sense my complaint is being minimized a little.

She wrote - " It would seem from my casual observation that a number of people walk their dogs on the street without a lead but this is the first time someone has told me how this may cause distress to others."

Perhaps I am misreading the sentiment?

To me - having a dog run after you, barking and growling, its teeth bared, only 20 cm from your heels is indeed distressing and quite unsafe if you are riding a bicycle.


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If it's a cocker spaniel, throw some food at it and if it's like my cocker I guarantee it will prefer your salami sandwich over your calves.

I think while this might be trivial to some, to others it is impeding cycling to the shops or park and councils should take correspondence from constituents more seriously. Council elections are on later this year you could remind them.

yeah that might be true gus, but throwing it food will be rewarding that behaviour to the dog :/

'May cause distress to others' - in my case an unrestrained dog near Glenelg ran onto the road from the footpath in front of me. I have now not worked for 8 weeks after suffering a broken neck, smashed collar bone in 4 pieces and broken rib. Of course I am 'distressed'. Dog control is very, very serious. I hope you succeed in getting effective action.

Aghhhhhh - sounds very nasty indeed.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

we had one that did something similar in tea tree gully, the council were quite helpful over it and dealt with the owners.  in this case they're probably difficult to identify.  theres nothing else to do but to write to the advertiser and demad rego plates for both dogs and their reckless owners :P.

I went through a phase of having dogs try and jump on me every second time i tried to go for a walk, its bloody annoying.

Hells bells Stig, cant help wondering if you have a feronomes issue.

If they're there repeatedly a phone pic would at least give them something to go on. Otherwise it could be anyone.

A great response from Brenton (in the Burnside Council Rangers Dept).

I phoned them Monday morning and forwarded my letter to him and he has phoned back today with an update, after investigating and then speaking with the dog owners..

It seems that the owners have acknowledged that there is / has been a problem and will keep the dog under control in the future.

Fingers crossed :-)

Excellent result.  Good to see they are taking it seriously.


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