I've really wanted a bike trailer for a long time, mainly to bring home groceries from the shops. I'd been looking at the square pet and child trailers but preferred something a bit thinner, hopefully to be only as wide as myself on the bike.

This is a "Pacific Touring Trailer" and it only cost me $239.00 from 99 Bikes. I don't mind giving them a plug as I dropped in to the West Lakes branch, and an assistant called Rob was super helpful and couldn't do enough for me. It really impressed me that he helped me find what I wanted, rather than what was on the floor in the shop and he ordered it it in for me. The price was also a huge factor.

The construction is steel and probably won't suit those who want to keep weight to a minimum for touring. It is 10 kg, however the trailer's weight is just not an issue for me, especially when I've put 20 kg of shopping in. Apparently it can carry 45 kg but I wouldn't dare go much higher than my 20 kg as it would probably be pretty wobbly. 

You do have to be reasonably careful, especially mounting and dismounting, but once you get moving, it is fine. However I was surprised at how much it is influenced by the wind. You also have to use common sense in turns of braking and turning due to the length. I can still get it through the safety chicanes at railway crossings however.

I really like the fact that it is super fast to disconnect. It comes with a new skewer which is left permanently in your back wheel and it hooks on and off that very quickly.

I imagine panniers are great for transporting goods and obviously they would avoid the hassle of the overall length (which is also an issue when you lock it up). However, I wanted something which I could dump quickly when I am riding normally.

A couple of people have asked about it when I've been out riding, so I thought I would share in case it is useful to anyone on this forum.

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That looks like a modern version of the old B.O.B. Trailer (Beast Of Burden) that was popular 10-20 years ago. I've still got mine somewhere, I used it for cycle touring in the outback. Great in a straight line but a devil in tight turns. The best place for the heaviest items was right in the back. I found that mine was less troublesome in strong side winds than a regular set of panniers. Some cyclists hated them in a group scenario because it made passing or drafting difficult.

Thanks for the tip about stowage of heavy items right in the back. I daresay that would take a lot of weight off the skewer and also reduce the sideways forces acting on the back stays. Yes, it would be a complete pain in a group ride.


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