Have a fabulous Christmas, enjoy your family and get in some great holiday riding! :-) oh, and I hope you all get the presents you wish for.

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And to you mate!

Merry Christmas & a safe happy new year to all - always great advice on this forum and friendly, encouraging people to ride with. Actually IMHO cyclists are just generally great people :-)
Merry Christmas to all. Ride safe and enjoy in 2014.

Happy circular things, peeps. After all, it's cycles that are the reason for the season!

Hope everyone had a good one,    

quite one here,   family time in the morning and lunch  before Vanessa went away for work ( gets back today )  then off to Mildura  for the night,  back so she can go away for work over new years again  :-/ 

however Wednesday morning she was able to sneak out for  a quick ride  and The little one and  I road to the outlaws for dinner,   ( I smashed out a quick 26K along the SOB ) on the MTB  after I dropped her off at there place.  :) 


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