HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION >>> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday 8th March 2014.


No. of Riders : 62



63 riders joined us today to celebrate the Gawler Wheelers third anniversary. They  will tell you more about today’s ride. Our GW Members will also tell you about what the Gawler Wheelers means to them. Stay tuned.


Below is a transcript of Wilson's post-ride speech:


Thanks everyone for turning up today and celebrating our Third Anniversary. We held our first group ride back on Saturday the 12-Mar-2011 and we had 9 riders turn up.

Those first 9 riders were : Mick Adams, Dave Madill, Ian Clifford, Michael and Leanne Olech, Grant Ward, Mark Prior, and of course Frank & myself.

On that same day back in March 2011 Dale ‘Rouler’ Riggs was also present, but at that time he was doing his own regular Saturday morning ride with a couple of mates, starting and finishing here at the Café. So, Dale was technically there at the beginning as well.

Our numbers continued to grow as the months rolled by and we thought we had hit the big time when we had 20 riders turn up. I think Frank famously shouted everyone a free coffee that day.

Now three years, and 303 GW members, later it is a real pleasure to see so many regular riders in the group.

Being in the Gawler Wheelers has become more than just a weekly group ride. It has developed into a real social experience,  and Frank & I have seen many new friendships develop between people who would otherwise have never met.

You might have noticed that Frank always concludes his excellent Weekly Group Ride Reports with :

“The Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams.”

And I think that sums it up perfectly.

In conclusion, I would like to firstly thank Frank for his huge efforts each week in keeping the GW show running and making our rides visible to the broader cycling community.

I would also like to thank the ‘Gawler Wheelers Council’, (includes Mick, Chris, Keith,  Richard and Juz),  who keep everything  ship-shape and this includes our invaluable TECs. Thanks to Mick, Richard, Chris and everyone else who has ever acted as a TEC when called upon to do so.

Thanks also go to the dedicated staff here at Café Farina who somehow manage to serve up to 60 or so sweaty cyclists every week..... all within an hour of us arriving back here after a group ride.

Also, for those of you who choose to video-record our group rides - you are capturing an activity that most of us will no doubt look back on very fondly in years to come and your efforts are greatly appreciated

And finally, a special thanks to all of YOU .... for not only getting out on your bikes each week, BUT for making the Gawler Wheelers the friendly and welcoming  group that it has become. Thank you. ”


Thanks Wilson, excellent speech….I actually shed a tear mate. A couple of things that I would like to add: (1) Wilson, a million thanks to you . You are the glue that holds GW together. Knowing you has made our lives that much richer (2) thanks to Gus and the AC community for allowing us to share our weekly GW experiences with you and  (3) thank you to everyone who rides with us and contributes to the ride reports…..you are soooo very special to us xxx


NEXT WEEK: We will be holding an undulating ride through the Barossa Valley. Details are available on AC Events and YOU are welcome to join us.


We had some difficulty with baking our birthday cake earlier in the week. We took some footage for you, with the help of some international friends:





Goggles (aka Andrew) with his very very expensive new bike imported from Canada. Tell us all bout it Andrew!

Nice to see Andrew back after 18 months

Tony B (GW Poet) getting ready for today’s ride

We are blessed having so many beautiful people  ride with us eg....

…and including Nicole and Mat

Our pre-ride safety briefs are not negotiable.  SAFETY IS ALWAYS OUR FIRST PRIORITY. This morning's ride safety brief.

Vanessa (L), Tremea and Phil

Tremea, you were leading the group!! WOW.. Champion!

It was Carl’s 42nd birthday this week too! Congrats Carl!

Paul: “Frank are you sure you put my entries in the draw?”

SOB, .....Gawler Wheelers as far as you can see

Gawler Wheelers enjoying their birthday ride

We love the roads out our way...ie with no traffic

Juz, Greg, Shayne and Mat. Happy Birthday to all Gawler Wheelers!!!

Glen and Kingsley. Nothing prickly about the GWrs!

Norm and Trevor were the first back..aided by the medication they are on

Followed by Dale. What was that Dale about Bingo??

Al, Colin and Doug post ride singing ”Happy Birthday Gawler Wheelers”

GW newbie Piotr with Juz

Today’s  4 Gawler Wheelers Amigos: Michael, Dale, Nick & Peter

Carl, Vanessa and Craig about to draw the winner of the Cadel Evans/Damien Howson signed jersey competition

Kingsley post ride:  “ I need a beer now!...right now”

GW Groupie...the sensous Lisa... quickly on the GW scene post-ride

Sam and Gareth post ride ...hmmm romantic liaison perhaps?

..and the winner of the jersey is Paul Koch! CONGRATS PAUL!

Wilson..... epic 3rd Anniversary  speech.... (with Juz and D-Shackle)

Cutting of the cake


A final message: The biggest thrill we get each Saturday is riding with YOU .......yes YOU... and seeing the enjoyment that you experience with Gawler Wheelers.

THANK YOU for being an integral part of Gawler Wheelers…we love you, and we find you simply irresistible. Please enjoy:



Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.


Gawler Wheelers: Gawler Australia Day Community Group of the Year 2013

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Peter have really enjoyed your company and riiding with you over that time.

Peter B, (2nd from right), at one of the regroups on our birthday ride


Been a busy week ... love all the ride report comments, video and photos all so positive Happy Birthday to all. Have a great ride on the weekend unfortunately I am working, hope to ride the following weekend. The GW ride is the best way to start the weekend. Enjoy


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