For all those who have been slaving away in the shed on their vintage steed, or scouring Ebay for those elusive period-correct toe-straps, you only have a short time to get everything finished for the 6th Annual gravel, pizza and vintage bikefest commonly known as H'Eroica.

When: 9am, Sunday October 9th

Where: Natural Resources Centre, Norton Summit

Details on the events page here.

This ride is an homage to the amazing Italian event L'Eroica (celebrating its' 20th anniversary this year) held in Tuscany, and a celebration of the gravel roads of the Adelaide Hills that are a short distance off the well-worn bitumen roads, but transport you a million miles away to a world without car traffic, of incredible uninterrupted vistas, and treat you to a serenity rarely found so incredibly close to the city.

To enter into the retro L'Eroica spirit, ideally you ride a vintage road bike, but if that's not possible then wear a vintage jersey (preferably on a road or cx bike). It is not a race, but a chance to savour the delight that these secreted gravel roads can provide.

Ride the gravel to Lenswood, but invite your family up to share a lunch of pizza and wine at Anderson Hill winery, and enjoy fantastic sweeping views over the vineyard and Hills.

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There has been photos posted of Gorge Rd blocked (I think east of Tippett Rd) and Fox Creek Rd is closed indefinitely between Croft and Cudlee Creek Rd, so that will make it impossible to get to Anderson Hill winery for people driving up that way.

So best thing is for people to keep checking road closures via Traffic SA - - to make sure they can get there via their proposed route.

Yesterday a friend drove to the Adelaide Hills, first to parents’ place then the old farm. During that time a road closed, so detoured home via a different route. I do not know all of the roads she drove. Suffice that she said many massive holes in the roads, so take care when riding in the Adelaide Hills. Expect time, labour and money restraints before the council can fix all holes.

The weather is looking ok for Sunday with rain coming in after lunch, which is a good thing we eat at around 11 after meandering to Anderson Hill. They are expecting us but please be patient with your food ordering, they're not Maccas and do their best with one pizza oven.

Also be aware that the Gorge Rd is closed. You need to ride back the same way or via Deviation Rd and Uraidla.

With the recent rain, and now warm weather, come some hazards. The roads might be worse than in previous years so riders need to be careful, carry spares, know the route and watch out for snakes (yes, snakes).

A reminder that this is a nod to L'eroica in Italy. If you can't ride something retro, think about wearing some retro kit or at least some Ray Bans Iike Merckx or Persols like Coppie.

Other things, if you like taking photos please ask riders if they want to be photographed. Not everyone wants their every ride pictured. That's feedback from previous years.

Did we mention it has some steep pinches? It's also got some great views.

There will be a full briefing at 9am at the Norton Summit Resources Centre car park.

#itsnotarace #nostrava #hatesnakes

Severe weather alert. Event unlikely to go ahead. See event page for more.

I had a wedding to go to @-|

So with the cruddy weather and everything, did it end up happening? Did anyone go? Is it going to be rescheduled again? There's no reports or anything that I can see.

There were 4-5 guys on gravel/CX bikes, and maybe 8-10 on old steelies. One man on a MTB and David Southern on something that may have been a bicycle once.  Much looking at the weather, and then a lazy climb to Nortons and much more looking at the weather. Gus went back from there, and the others hit some dirt for a nice ride together up Colonial Dr. and Moores Rd, before splitting up and going different ways - some seeking the full dirt experience, some (myself included) thinking it more prudent to modify and truncate the route. The weather threatened with a fair but of wind, but was not unkind, and I imagine most had a nice day out and got home dry. Thanks Gus and ET for making it happen!

Following on from David ...

5 heroically intrepid cyclists (Arif, Jason, Jon, Scott and me) headed out onto the gravel along Blockers, Mawson & Croft Rds to Anderson Hill winery. We partook of coffee and delicious cake, lamented the fact that the bad weather had seemed to disappear, and then made our way home variously down Mawson Rd or the Mawson Trail.

Ben and Clare were very understanding about us cancelling, so it would be nice to re-schedule the ride soon, and repay their previous excellent hospitality.

Oh yes! Please reschedule, I attended a lovely wedding but really wanted to be cycling!!

I propose 6th November, or 13th November, or both.

Or both? David, you sound like a real cyclist. :)

The 6th is Amy's Ride so that might not be the best idea :v

Thanks for the replies, sounds like a good time was had.


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