For all those who have been slaving away in the shed on their vintage steed, or scouring Ebay for those elusive period-correct toe-straps, you only have a short time to get everything finished for the 6th Annual gravel, pizza and vintage bikefest commonly known as H'Eroica.

When: 9am, Sunday October 9th

Where: Natural Resources Centre, Norton Summit

Details on the events page here.

This ride is an homage to the amazing Italian event L'Eroica (celebrating its' 20th anniversary this year) held in Tuscany, and a celebration of the gravel roads of the Adelaide Hills that are a short distance off the well-worn bitumen roads, but transport you a million miles away to a world without car traffic, of incredible uninterrupted vistas, and treat you to a serenity rarely found so incredibly close to the city.

To enter into the retro L'Eroica spirit, ideally you ride a vintage road bike, but if that's not possible then wear a vintage jersey (preferably on a road or cx bike). It is not a race, but a chance to savour the delight that these secreted gravel roads can provide.

Ride the gravel to Lenswood, but invite your family up to share a lunch of pizza and wine at Anderson Hill winery, and enjoy fantastic sweeping views over the vineyard and Hills.

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Good news ET.   Without a doubt - this ride is the highlight of the cycling year!

I look forward to the ride, the roads, the company, the pizza, the wine and the vintage bikes.  Probably enjoy seeing the bikes most to be honest...

I got thinking this time - what is an "old" or "vintage" bike.  Various definitions (internet searches) say 20 years or 25 years for "vintage".  Old, of course, varies on the perspective of the rider so for me old is a bike made before the 1960s. 

Perhaps the web is a good place to start -

But I reckon I'll stick with anything pre-STI (from Shimano anyway - I'm sure others can suggest a parallel for Campag).  But then - Shimano still sold DA7900 (yup 10 speed) down tube shifters.  Maybe anything pre-Freehub (Shimano again - sorry) so 5, 6 or 7 speeds.  But then - there were 7 speed non-Freehub and 7 speed Freehub.   Threaded versus threadless headsets?  Quill stems?  Clip-in pedals (no cleats). Sigh.

I was always a fan of Suntour groups - I reckon all of that is vintage :-)

Anyway - I'm looking forward to seeing lots of these vintage bikes on the day and if I do find the right toe-straps (before everybody else grabs them now) I'll ride a vintage bike myself.

Can't wait really.

I've just finished restoring my dad's 1985 Trek roadie, complete Suntour Cyclone groupset :-)

I did the first 3 climbs of the Dirty Dozen on it and the 42/52 chainrings will make Blockers Road quite tricky.

... but you will be filled with the inner smugness of being just that much harder than anyone else!

Looking forward to catching up again and seeing what you ride, and wear.

I dont have a road or cx bike, hopefully my basic hybrid which looks kind of retro, will suffice? I do have an early eighties cycling shirt bought on a trip to Italy over 30 years ago. Only problem is, looking in the mirror whilst trying it on the words "bung fritz" came to mind.

I personally prefer prosciutto to bung fritz, so brung what you got!

Looking forward to it.

My only vintage is a rusty fixie which I'm NOT planning to ride up Blockers, but I hope you'll settle for a modern steel frame and leather wrapped bars. Bring on the vino and dust.

As mentioned on the Events page this ride is a homage to L'Eroica and the bikes ridden in it. While it would be fantastic for everyone to be on vintage (read: ideally older steel) bikes, not everyone has one just lying around, so more importantly it is to enter into the spirit of L'Eroica.

For the record I will be riding my 1992 Kotzur (custom-built) 531ST (Reynolds steel) touring bike with SPDs and cyclocross tyres - so I won't exactly be period-correct, but I will be full-on in the L'Eroica spirit and make up for that with my very period-correct and quite illegal Cinelli hairnet "helmet".

There won't be any style-Carabinieri handing out "you're not hipster enough for this ride" fines, so I encourage you to come, beg-borrow-or-steal a retro or vintage jersey, any effort will be appreciated.

As Gus mentioned, this will be the last Adelaide Cyclists' organised event, apart from the Wheatie Wake.

So what better way to celebrate an event that would not be enjoying its' 6th successive year without this site, but by coming along!

Bump! Now only 3 weeks to go!!

We have attracted some corporate sponsors, so there will be free hand-ups of Chianti Classico for your bidons and as much antipasto as you can fit in your jersey pockets along the way!

Did a trial run to see how that would go - had to tie it to my handlebars instead!

Well the long-range forecast says low chance of rain, high chance of pino and pizza.


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