Well it all seemed to be looking good on paper for the 2012 H'eroica Ride but bugs struck early and struck me. My tube blew out my tyre sidewall at the carpark of the the Tower Hotel at Magill. Despite the $5 inside the tyre trick there were other failing sections so I decided to get home and swap wheels but unfortunately I didn't make it before flatting again and had to walk the last 1km home.

So, even though I was looking forward to the Norton Summit climb and start, I had to pass on the welcome and words of wisdom over to Easy Tiger whom I am assuming did a good job. I was also looking forward to seeing the Italian provincial barns and the peloton of near 30 riders, many on steel and vintage bikes, when they hit the first dirt road climbs to Marble Hill and the cursing upon learning that's one of the easy climbs.

I met up with the group at Marble Hill where it was all smiles and looking forward to the fast descent down Pound and Knotts Hill Rd to the valley where I had unpacked the bike from my boot and joined the ride. From here on it's nearly all up but through spectacular valleys with wonderful views, all within 20kms of Adelaide.

As we rode on the group spread apart and there was no shame at getting off to walk. As one said, "I'll get there, eventually".

Unexpected light rain fell and more surprisingly quite thick fog surrounded the hill but kept the ridge clear.

One of the highlights of H'eroica is the 'Peugeot graveyard' , although there were a few Citroens in there as well now, and it's steep climb out topping off at 24%.

Regrouping at the top where Mawson Rd connects reports in where the alpacas had already had word that BJ was on his way and their excitement was nearly uncontainable.

The road does get easier from here to Yangoora Estate but still requires some good bike handling and a bit of pedal pressure but we were soon all enjoying fantastic wood fire pizza and a glass of their best (2010 Pinot!) and the recent pain in the legs was forgotten.

Some of the group took Fox Creek and the Gorge Rd home, some enjoyed their team car while rest returned part of the way on Croft and Mawson Rds where a fast descent caused me to have to burn my 4th tube of the day.

At the Lobethal Rd we parted - some descending Forest Range towards Ashton while others took on Deviation Rd to Greenhill and Summertown... somehow I don't know which was less painful with a belly-full of pizza and wine to quote Peter Hill.

If there wasn't pain and pleasure in cycling, we'd be playing golf. Until next time.

Best dressed Tim Marriage and son Zac. (pic Easy Tiger). More pics from me and ET below.

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Thanks everyone for coming out.

The serenity was serene. The roads were sublime. The pizzas were yummy. The wine was good. The rain was light. The hills were steep. The alpacas were frisky. The company was excellent. The legs are heavy. The body is tired.

Bring on H'Eroica 2013!

Last year ROADIES

This year TANDEMS 


Another super day out with my AC Family. Thanks for organising  the day Gus & ET. Maybe next year, skip the vintage tyres ...

They weren't even 6months old (Schwalbe CX tyres if anyone is wondering). I need to carry spare tyres like Tim above, around my shoulders and stuffed into my saddle rails.

Hope the crew that came back via deviation rd hit up boundary that runs parallel to it and then onto gully. I did a quite solo loop around nortons/valley road moores old road, osbourne and haven. Perfect day for a bit for dirt road action. Next time for me for sure.

I don't think so but we rode Boundary Rd last year.. another place for weird dwellings.

Enjoyed that!

Except for the bit of beer glass that got into my rear tyre - lovely the ambiance of Boundary Rd by the creek as the glue dried. Around 60Km on my MtBike, bit of a record for me and Strava has me climbing 1200+m and that's without the initial Norton ascent (forgot to turn the app on, did so in Norton Summit).

Also, a really pretty waterfall right by the side of the road riding back up Knotts Hill Rd - totally missed it on the way down.

Totally agree Ross, only my 2nd time out on a mtb for that sort of distance, and 1000+m extra climb, mine showed 1511m by the time I got home. I'm guessing that has something to do with why the legs feel the way they do.
Top marks for a challenging day out guys, don't think I would have discovered these roads otherwise - hidden gems, and Yangoora was such a great destination.
The run back through Basket Range to Ashton, then down Old Norton Summit Rd was a top way to finish off too.

Old Norton Summit Rd down sure is great fun, and so was Blockers Rd :-)

was great to be able to meet up with all the riders at the winery after i had run the city to bay,not sure what hurts the most the run or last years ride.hope to be there next yr.

Thanks Gus and easytiger for a great day out.

For us tragic trainbike spotters it was great to see the old iron out and being ridden with verve and flair.

Thanks Ian and Martin for good company - and no thanks for leaving me (and my knees a popping) for the last 30 km home.

See you next year with bells on

I dunno why I wrote this whole thing when I was more succinct in ET's on the bike cam report.

2012 H'Eroica di Adelaide from easytiger on Vimeo.

Thanks Gus and ET for another great H'eroica Ride, can't wait for the next one.  Well done to all the riders, the Pinot and Pizza made it all worthwhile in the end. See you next year.


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