Gully Grinders Ride Report: "Voici votre Domestiques"

The start of our ride today was more like a trip to the airport, 'hurry-up and wait'. The GG set off from the bakery to meet Arthur and Duncan for the Norton Summit challenge outside Tower hotel. We were well rested by the time our role as domestiques was needed, and I'm pleased to say that we did not impinge on the TT, which was a real concern of mine.

The race was on, and although Arthur rode gallantly Duncan pipped him at the post by 30sec - a champion effort all round! Congratulations to Duncan and Arthur for a good race! For those that don't know Arthur, he is a 77 year old cancer survivor and one of the nicest fellas you're likely to meet. Despite being on a cocktail of cancer meds and his age, he consistently beats many younger riders up hills. All of the GG think he's an inspiration, and hope to be riding, let alone as well as Arthur, when were 77! On a personal level, I bested my Norton PR by 3 minutes, not bad since I got stopped before the KOM line by the CFS fella with the lollipop stop sign. I am saddened to find out now however, that this road closure was due to a car crash and possible fatality. I also feel for the TT guys who had their event canceled. 

Duncan then ran with us from the Norton KOM line to The Scenic hotel, and boy can that fella run! The Grinders left Arthur, Duncan, and support crew to have a well deserved pint at the pub as we continued on with our ride along the ridge and down the fantastic Montecute decent. A few incidents with some motorists today, left us feeling that we are well and truly into silly season, and a gentle reminder for everyone to take it extra careful over the next few weeks. We made our way back to the bakery via the Hancock roller-coaster (weeeeeeeee, or wheeeeeze?) for a good natter.

Well Arthur, you put out the call "ou est mon domestique?" and we replied with a "voici votre domestiques" I hope we didn't disappoint :-)

It's sunny out, go for a ride (but keep an eye out for the nutters)...

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Nice report Gemma, we're gunna miss yer

I second that .

You're both too kind, I will miss riding with the group. I'm sure that I'll be back to visit family at some stage and will make sure I have a Sunday in Adelaide to go riding with the grinders. My last ride is in two weeks and will organise some food at prices to say goodbye to you all :-)

Spewin' I slept in !! Sounds like a great race .

Variety !! Believe me, this was like no ride you have ever been on before

Yeah, 'odd' sums it up really :-)
A nice ride. Always a pleasure to ride with you all.
Great ride across the top, Andrew - you set a perfect pace.

Like Michael,  spewin'  I  missed this one, too - but, unlike Michael, was because  I  awoke with the dreaded lurgi.

Sounds like a great morning's ride.  Bad luck, Arthur and congrats Duncan - you seem to have got it right yesterday!

When is the rematch ?

He told us today after finishing his 7.00am Sat ride round 4.30am today by 5.30am he was tucked in his car sleeping till ... till he started riding again to get to the Gully Grinder brief at 7.45.

He did make mention of close encounters with animal life .. kangaroos on Gorge Road before dawn - their English was poor though.

it was good to get out and support arthur today.I did manage a few hours sleep before heading off to the tower hotel start. Prices start would have left me with no sleep so took the hotel option.well done arthur and duncun. So corkscrew next.Didn't make it to the chrissy party though sleep won out there

Very enjoyable day out today. A few of us tried to provide a bit of shielding from the 'wind' for Arthur, as he tried to catch Duncan. Wasn't too far behind at the end. About thirty seconds or so I believe. Great effort to both of you. You are an inspiration to us all there Arthur!

I was a bit rushed this morning and I knew my front tyre was a bit flat. Thought I would wait till the start before I pumped it up. Forgot. But steaming along around the bends, just before we passed the top of Corkscrew (Marble Hill Road?) I remembered the flat front tyre. I could feel the wheel 'moving' a bit as I leaned over in the corners, and thought I better stop to pump it up before something terribe happened. But as I pumped I realized it was actually deflating itself! The valve had become disconnected from the tube! Maybe I caught it just  in time! Maybe my lucky day out there today!

I was feeling a bit flat after driving from somewhere near Horsham yesterday. About 400km I think. So I thought I was doing well to front up for the Gully Grinders' ride this morning. And then I met Scott at the bottom of Ansteys! . . . . . .!!!! When I grow up I want to be like Scott. What a champion! Top effort fella!

Well done Arthur your an inspiration and also to the rest of you guys for the support, good job. Don't let the car problems get to you, there always seems to be the minority that wants to make things difficult, just smile and carry on. Couldn't make today's ride due to kayaking but will join you again next week.


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