Gully Grinders Ride Report - Feb 10 - 52km Local Hills Loop

A mixture of of riders assembled this morning for shortish 50km in the northern local hills.
Although personally. I wasn't on the ball this morning, forgetting my helmet. Certainly I was aware riding the deserted back roads and trails we cover without one was sure to invoke the ire of the the A/C fun police. Everyone was sure the paps would photograph me and start an enormous discussion here.
So with me wearing a borrowed helmet we set off about 20 mins late ...  if any of the crew were waiting at the bottom of Golden Grove Rd. sorry if you missed your ride.

We blasted along the roads adjacent the Holden and the DSTO and kept the pace pretty solid till Elizabeth and then the base of Medlow Road. From the bottom at Main North Road it looks pretty easy. A few km of 2% and then a half km of 5%.  .. Yeah sure!
What it looked like and what we rode were totally different.

Young Braydon Jones on his first ride with us gave us slow guys a dancing lesson. He picked a gear got out of the saddle and set to work.. standing on the cranks hauling his butt up the hill at a speed I would think was bigger than his age.. Great effort Braydon! and BTW, even if your coach says otherwise on Gully Grinder rides you are allowed to use the seat!!

Once Medlow was out of the way we turn right and within minutes were belting down Cornishman Hill Rd. For the first time for me the steep bit was fun, rolling down it is the way to go.

Snake Gully North to South is a different story and we found ourselves back in the low gears with a cracking head wind to dry the sweat on our brows. At the top of Snake Gully it's pretty much downhill to the bakery where most of us assembled for a cup of whatever.

Perfect riding day it was today. I think it's safe to say the ride was harder than we expected from what looked pretty flat on the map. Well at least it was smooth and sealed tarmac all the way.

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Medlow and Snake Gully. Brave Guys 'n' Gals !

It's easy to forget you and your dad rode up the Golden Grove hill before the start of the ride - you did really well

awesome ride good hills

Good report Roger, (wasn't that hard to write a few words) Well done Braydon top effort! Medlow was a first for me, tough but good, all in all an enjoyable ride.


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