Gully Grinders Ride Report: "Au revoir mes amis cyclistes"

An amazing 20 riders braced the toasty conditions to join us on todays ride. In light of the conditions we had two short ride options - Anstey's hill followed by range rds (25km) or Anstey's hill with a loop around paracombe before running the ridge of the range roads (35km). John kindly offered to provide a SAG wagon should anyone need any extra water or was feeling the heat too badly and needed to call the ride quits. There was an occasion to celebrate today, as it was my last ride with the Gully Grinders before I head off to the sunny climes of Norwich (wait… hang on!). I am humbled by all those that turned out today to say 'cheerio' and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone - thank you. 

The Gully Grinders have gone from strength to strength since it started back in February and now we have a solid group of regular riders that are augmented week-to-week by semi-regular riders and new riders, we are an all inclusive group and all are welcome. Before the Gully Grinders I had only been on one group ride before, Amy's ride 2011, and it now seems like a long time ago I put a call out on Adelaide Cyclists, "are there any group rides leaving the TTG area on a Sunday?". "No" was the answer followed closely by "but if you start one, I'll come out and ride", and so the Gully Grinders began. 

Starting out as a novice rider who only commuted the 20km to work via linear park, starting a group and leading much more experienced riders was a bit daunting. But, as I have often noticed with cyclists, they are a helpful, friendly and forgiving bunch and I was soon getting route suggestions, suggestions about technique and fitness, ideas on how to run rides better, and since I was often the slowest of the bunch, patience as I rolled into re-group spots. I am extremely grateful to all I have ridden with during the Sunday rides, we have had fantastic chats, shared plenty of laughs, seen some spectacular scenery, helped each other through mechanicals and hard climbs. I have learnt that roads and climbs are not to be feared but relished and enjoyed. I have learnt that rhythm is the key to climbing and getting your breathing under control is vital. I have learnt that distance is all in the mind, and sitting back and cruising is cheating, its all about pushing that little bit extra and the rewards are well worth it! Thank you to all, I will miss riding with you :-) 

The group is of course, not about me, I'm just the one that posts the rides and the ride reports, the group is about everyone that comes out and rides and I think it's fair to say that we have all significantly improved in our riding over the 10 months. The Gully Grinders will of course keep going, Roger has kindly offered to take over organising the rides - thanks Roger!  A post-christmas recovery ride is planned for boxing day morning, and the regular Sunday rides will continue. Until then, a very Merry Christmas to all! 

The GG at their post-ride watering hole

The following photos are thanks to Roger.

yes, it was a bit warm!

Might have to nickname Michael "wiggins". Michael on the Left, Michael on the right might need to abandon the razor first! :-) 

Craig recovering from the heat.

Thanks guys and gals! 

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Gem,  It's been great riding with you and you'll be missed. I'm also missing Scampi, Prawn cocktail crisps, chips and curry sauce and Wimpey burgers after our chat this morning.  All the very best and I hope you keep in touch x

What a turnout !  The heat notwithstanding.....

With the option of a shorter ride available  I  decided to push in the early stages and see how  I  felt at the top of Anstey's before making a decision on short or "long" - short won the day (the beers were calling!) which allowed me to do a bit more pushing on the way back...bloody masochist!

Really enjoyed the ride this morning.  Pity we won't be seeing Gemma again for a while (thanks for arranging the post ride treats - if you'd done that on each ride maybe we would have had a bigger turnout each time!)

Thanks for everything you've done for the group, Gemma - all the best for your new adventure.

The run back down The Grove Way afterwards was "interesting" - the cross-winds were a bit unpredictable making it tricky to maintain a line (not fun on that descent) and as we neared the bottom of the hill the temperature shot up markedly - it was so much hotter than at the bakery.  When we got home  I  looked at the outside thermometer : 44degreesC in the shade !  Maybe we were lucky we did a hills ride today...........

Agree It was a good turnout and it was a good ride. never noticed till today but Range Road North is nice and shady

Can't believe that I could enjoy a hills ride on such a hot day, really good to see so many turn up, even better to know that there were actually a few riders behind me all the way. Many thanks for all you've done Gemma, no dramas ever, the smiley jersey from Carl and Wendy was well chosen. Now Roger has so much to live up to, hair colouring, full facial treatment and those legs, will he shave or will he wax.

we could let Andrew loose with his welding hair after that!

Disappointed to miss todays ride & your send off Gemma . You've done a great job forming The Gully Grinders , it's a happy diverse bunch that ride some beautiful routes .
 All the best on your future endeavours , and look forward to riding a GG ride with you again some time ...

We'll have to arrange a visit from the P-faerie when Gemma rides with us again - who can forget that day at the top of Williams Rd ?!

Tee hee hee... If you listen closely on a balmy evening a certain cuss word can still be heard echoing over the ridge... :-)

F...k that was funny...hahahahaha....

Unfortunately with all good intentions to ride today I missed this one as too much still to do before Xmas. A big thanks to you Gemma and very well done for making this riding group evolve. Hope all goes well with the move and you enjoy the cooler weather.

Glad I rode today even if my legs didn't want to :).. Told them to shut the umm up yer cause we doing this for Gemma send off...they kept arguing at me all through the ride....Actually didnt realise I had completed Anstey till I asked a few... hmm I should have tried a STRAVA on it hahahahahahhaa....(thats for you John) Thanks John Mills for being our back up in your car just in case one of us dropped dead from the heat...nice touch from you mate well done...

Your a Gem Gemma, wish you all the best with your new adventure..GG group certainly has helped me out with hill climbing so be proud of starting up the club girl :)  Thanks :)

@Craig.... love that photo mate... looks like your own truck smashed you LOL...


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