Gully Grinders Ride Report: an overcast trip to the seaside

A bit of a subdued start to the morning, but we soon warmed up to our short, sharp, flat ride down to St Kilda. Nice to see Andrew's new/old bike, a beauty steel frame and a piece of SA history (I'm sure he'll elaborate in the comments). We met Wendy and Carl at the bottom of the hill, good to see that Carl is over the dreaded lurgey. We copped a bit of a head wind all the way down to St Kilda, but nevertheless is was great to hunker down in the drops and get a sprint going on. It was nice to see Kasey out on the road, and gave a wave and a "hello" as we passed by! The short climb back up to GG via McIntyre was a first for a couple of us, surprisingly since we ride in the area so often but McIntyre usually looses out to Wynn Vale Drive, The Grove Way, and Target Hill Rd. Warm bevies back at the bakery and a good bit of banter before parting ways to do Christmas shopping, attend family commitments, or have a cheeky post-ride recovery beer. Short, sharp and a lot of fun! 

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KOM on St Kilda Road is mine....for the moment anyway. Yippee

LOL poor ol Kev... he bagged that KOM until you uploaded your data

You guys both worked well,  I got dropped and still got a 3rd overall coming in about 1 minute behind.

Holding a 39.4kph average for the whole 4.2 km strava section is pretty fast ...

Yes,  it was good to be back on the bike - but for the first 10km or so  I  was wondering what the hell  I  was doing out there!  It's not often  I  feel better at the end of a ride than when  I  started..............feeling pretty good by the time we got back to McIntyre so decided to "give it a go" up the hill - and survived (felt really good actually).  After the bakery-banter we headed home via Atlantis/Golden Way/Target Hill/Coomurra/Stanford/Grove Way..........not a bad little variation.

Thanks, Paul, for staying with me when  I  was dragging my heels a bit - and thanks to everyone for today's ride. Enjoyed it.

Photographed according to the rules too! :-)
She's pretty!

Very nice ride there Andrew, you never cease to surprise. No doubt, will see you out on the road with it some time. For us pedants, the branding on the front tyre does need lining up with the valve though ;-)

Nice concrete,  too!


Very nice build & bike Andrew ,, good to see a bit of mongrel coming out of you  8~) . It weighs exactly the same as my carbon framed ride . Chromed forks are a thing of great beauty .

Was quite a long ride for me riding from home today but it was a very enjoyable loop taking in some nice tail winds all the way along the SOB placing me in some good positions on the strava sections. I did make claim to fame the KOM on St Kilda road for a couple of hours until Ray uploaded his data, bugga but good on ya Ray it was a blast trying to catch you, I wasn't too far behind. I obviously missed the climb up Wynn Vale drive but I did climb the Grove way for the first time this morning. Don't know why they couldn't make it a longer climb when they built this road(yeah right, thought it was never going to end).
Oh yeah, btw that is a very nice new/old bike Andrew.

I'm with you Kev , Grove Way is a bloody long climb .

So busy in the run up to Christmas I forgot to put a 'nay' on this one. Hoping to make next weeks - is it Gemmas final hurrah?
Yep, my last hurrah is next week


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