A gorgeous spring day greeted the Gully Grinders this morning. Kasey and Michael trundled off to do Bazz's Bash, while eight of us set-off for Corkscrew and Mt Lofty. Today's ride up the Corkscrew was a ride of mechanicals, with Andrew down to 3 gears or so, and myself having a spoke blow-out at the orchard. But we took in on in good spirits and with a little bit of bodging continued on our way. Special mention goes to Arthur, who at age 77 is a true inspiration, and climbed Corkscrew for the first time today - congratulations on making the climb on your first attempt!

The aptly named 'Mount Lofty Scenic Route' didn't disappoint and offered some stunning vistas (and some motorbikes). A rather civilised re-group at the summit of Lofty encompassed icecream, coffee and cake (not all eaten by the same person!), before a couple of happy snaps. The group parted ways a little with Andrew heading home via Norton's due to mechanical and time constraints, Dean taking the decent down the old freeway in the chase for strava glory, and myself calling the SAG wagon due to a malaligned back wheel and no rear brakes (better to be safe than very sorry). The rest of the group took the proposed route down Greenhill rd and I'm sure will add in the comments how the rest of the ride transpired.

All in all, a great ride, with lots of giggles and natters along the way. It's sunny out, go for a ride!

Roger getting my bike into a rideable state at the top of Corkscrew... cheers mate!

From where we came, McIntyre Rd curving in the distance

Cheesy grins at the summit.


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Well done guys. Wished I was there! And Arthur! What a legend! I think you all are, to go UP Corkscrew. It was scary enough coming down it with you a few weeks ago. Yes Gemma, the weather doesn't get much better than this. Especially in the mornings. Am trying to decide whether I go for a swim or a ride out to 'check out' Checkers Hill, a bit later on when it starts to cool down. But I think I am not quite up to Mount Gawler and Checkers today. I'll probably end up down the beach.

A perfect day ! Great weather , killed Corkscrew , had a good conversation with every rider ,felt strong the whole ride , and I now have an ice cold Pale Ale in my hand .( Life is great ! ;~)

Liquid carbs always taste great after a ride! :-)

What a great day it would have been out there today, your ride report sounds really good. Looks like you all had a great ride except for a few breakdowns but hey that's what makes a good story. The Ice cream and cake would have been a good greeting at the top as well. I would like to of tackled Corkscrew and get to Mt Lofty with you guys but kayaking today got in the way.


Stop it, Arthur!  You're putting all us 50-somethings to shame!

Well done, everybody.

Fantastic effort guys and gals.. So sooo close to joining you all this morning but my eyes told me to go back to bed..DAMN THEM...Who's the guy on the far left ??? Is that the Invisible Man again ?  You riders should be proud of your efforts today...

Leaves smacking myself in the head STUBID IDIOT.....

Damn...sounds like a great ride, shudda dun it. Did a solo to Lofty then on to birdwood today. Corkscrew...mmmmm nice.
What a fantastic ride. Well done everyone for getting to the top of Corkscrew. I'm yet to add that notch to my handlebars.
Wifey has exams for the next couple of weeks but I'll be back with a vengeance (and hopefully with some regularity) thereafter.


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