Gully Grinders Ride Report #12 - The Paracombe loop

A record number of riders (16) turned out on this overcast morn for a blast around the Paracombe loop. It was great to see so many new people join us this morning. Gus on his first ride out with the GG volunteered to be ride leader and sporting some stiff/sore legs I held the red light at the back. Despite a few light spinkles of rain, it was a nice morning for a ride with the smell of log fires in the air and reindeer popping their heads up to say 'hello' at the top of range rd north. 

Three intrepid cyclists liked Range rd south so much to ride it twice, at Houghton we heard a hoot and continued along Paracombe road to regroup with those that did not turn right at albuquerque. The descent along Seaview was a little hairy owing to the road being slick, I'll also get out there with a broom sometime this week to clean up the apex to the hairpin. Back at Prices after some beautifully hot coffee we met two cyclists who may well become new members of AC and GG.
Admiring Gary's new bike at the start of the ride.
Regrouping on Paracombe Rd
If the fella on the left on the white colnago (I'm so sorry I forget your name) please send me a PM just to check in that would be great! :-) 
Coffee at Prices

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Thoroughly enjoyable ride this morning. Was great to get out with the group again :)

I know it's a myth I actually ride a bike!

After a bit of a sleep-in (oops!) it was good to catch up and join the ride. A nice morning out on the bike and great to meet so many new people :)

Nice ride folks, thanks for having me. It was great to ride some different roads - roads I have passed by so often but never taken. 

Here's a couple of pics including Gary from Star Cycles and his new bike built up overnight to make it out today. 

Clockwise - Gary and new bike, regrouping at NE Rd, Paul rests after taking KOM points, more new bike admiration, the group at coffee and before.

Nice photos Gus! Thanks for joining us, hope you can make it out again.
@Juz, no worries hope the nose heals soon! We'll be out and about, so look forward to meeting you when you can make it out :-)
@Jase, good to see you again too mate!

Great ride Today despite hitting the deck on the hairpin on the way back. Had a lunch date in town so couldn't make the bakery for coffee. Thanks to those who helped me get back on the bike. I'm pretty bruised and sore now but nothing broken and the Colnago has just a few scratches that will polish out.

Glad you're ok mate. Heard about your stack back at the coffee shop. That's a nasty hairpin - it's almost caught a few people out in the past.
Glad to hear you are ok David, hopefully the bruises heal quickly. Sorry for forgetting your name (I'm hopeless at times!) I'll look to take a broom to the hairpin sometime this week to clean off the loose gravel on the apex.
I was sorry to hear you slipped on that bend. I hope you feel ok tomorrow and back on next week.

Having done ride leader duties last week (in only my first full GG ride - and 4th overall group ride) I decided to let someone else show the way this week - thanks Gus (good to meet you at last).  Lots of new faces (for me, at least) & lots of new names to try to remember - the biggest problem is everyone looks so different without their helmet it's like trying to learn the names all over again!

Really enjoyed the ride today - thanks everyone.  Glad to hear your not too bashed up David. 

Wendy also enjoyed herself and will be back sometime when other commitments permit her to do so.

Hope to see you all again in a couple of weeks' time



Glad Wendy enjoyed herself, I enjoyed our chats while riding along! See you both soon :-)
I really enjoyed the ride & never would have taken a route like that on my own.  Sooty I wasn't able to make coffee (wife is unwell & had too much other stuff to do).


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