Gully Grinders climbing Norton with a Cherryville on Top

6 starters from Golden Grove this morning and 2 more blowins .. at the tower ... and no banjos were playing in the hills.

Roughly each fortnight we do a proper hills spin and with the chance of a poor attendance that happens each Grand Slam event day, I figured it was a good chance to do some Dirty Dozen Hills.
  The ride wasn't posted as such but I figured any riders that didn't realise would catch on pretty early.For starters Teringie Drive got tipped in to the Standard Norton Summit climb it's not really a really nasty hill but it makes for a change. Some of the guys did their Norton climb and then rode down to do Teringie and 2 of the stalwarts just got on with it, "seized the day" and rode the vicious Old Coach Road & Woodland Way accent complete from the bottom ... kudos to them.

 We reassembled at the Norton Summit Township and compared notes and bumped in a few familiar faces ... despite a few impromptu invites getting thrown around .. nobody put their hand up to join us ;-).

We set off for Basket Range where we nicked in and off the main road as we were running late and and slid down a recently swept debris free, Burdetts Road instead of the shallower and slower Hunters Rd as posted. Plenty of climbers going up Burdetts this morning, it really is a beautiful climb with all the Pine Trees and the shear drop off to the valley below. Burdetts feels very very European similar I imagine something out of the TDF.
It only took a couple of minutes to reach the base of Knotts Hill Road where I shared that the hill we we going to climb was the really fast descent of H'Eroica Fame and behind us was the infamous Blockers Rd. the unassuming entrance to "Banjo Country".

We then rode back to Marble Hill Road, knowing my climbing speed would not rate anything but appalling, so I let the crew break away so we could regroup at Fernhurst Rd. The deal offered was while you are waiting ... ride down and check Cherryville out. I arrived and the whole team had gone down the road for a peek. I just thought .. OMG! but it did give me a chance to get better than normal pictures, so I rode down a bit and waited. New guy Cody just rode up and past .. followed by Adrian (Dogs), Scott, MW and Paul.

After a short regroup we rode over to and Down Corkscrew where Paul turned back to do a Corkscrew climb and the Montacute Rd Descent back to his home, while the rest of rode over to cross the Torrens down Grand Junction and finished with Kelly Road and the Golden Way.

The Promenade and Kelly Hill Rd climbs didn't even feel like hills at the end of this ride.

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How many meters of climbing in the end?

How was the Radox bath this afternoon!

Here you go Gus for the record just under 2000m from home

Top ride.

I've not yet heard the stories of Banjo country down Blockers Road and this intrigues it fair to say if you get stuck down there on your own, climb as fast as hell to make sure you get out alive???

Looks like I missed a super day in the hills. 

I will have to pay closer attention to what you guys are doing in the future. I do like a challenge...

Kudos guys. That's some real climbing done there!


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