Gully Grinders (NE Cyclists) Sunday Group Ride #17: GG to Outer Harbour - Ride Report

Well, what can I say other than - who dares wins. Those that dared to embrace the chilly morning won a beautiful day for cycling. 

Gary, Dean, Andrew, Roger, Carl, Arthur and myself trundled away from the bakery and towards outer harbour, and met up with Scott and Paul on the way. Carl turned back at The Port due to other commitments. It was great to see so many other cycling groups out on Lady Gowrie Drive. On the way back we tackled the near infamous wynn vale drive and were rewarded with some nice hot tea/coffee and baked goods back at Prices (along with a rather spectacular blow-out of Dean's front tyre).

Regroup at the Outer Harbour train station.

Paul on the climb up Wynn Vale Drive

The view from half-way.

Refuelling back at Prices.

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about as good as the weather it gets this time of year. Hardly any wind the sea was flat.

I hardly noticed the sky was so clear and blue today. Look at those mid morning long shadows on the road though

Another good ride even if i did cheat a little and joined en route 

For some reason  I  really battled up The Grove Way this morning on my way to the start - must be something to do with yesterday's GW ride taking a bit more out of my old legs than I expected.  Fortunately it was all downhill for me from then on.  It was an enjoyable ride through to Port Adelaide where I had to cut the ride short.  I returned home via PROXY (sounds like  I  tele-ported!) which was strangely quiet today. There was a bit of wind late in the ride and Salisbury Highway and Cross Keys Road both seemed to funnel the wind straight at me head on. I got home feeling as though I'd worked hard,  and then my thoughts turned to the others slogging up Wynn Vale Drive.............

Well done everyone!  See you next week.


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