I hope most of you are now familiar with the new jersey design.  We are now taking orders for these and a size chart (pinched from Gawler Wheelers) is shown below. Price is $38 per jersey. All orders must be placed by the 13th May.

If you wish to order a jersey, please "REPLY TO THIS" discussion below stating quantity and size required.

Note - The chest size shown is measurement across jersey so you need to double this for your chest measurement.

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Hi Gully Grinders.

GG jerseys are being shipped out from China today and should be here this week.

Fantastic. Thanks Gary. Can't wait for a dry Sunday when I can get out for a ride now.

Hey, when are we supposed to pay for these??

I did send an email to all purchasers a while back with bank details for payment, but I'm happy for payment on pickup.

Sorry, I didnt see the email....

Send it to me again and I will place payment...

Hi everyone.  Gully Grinders jerseys are here and available now. I'll try to get out on Sunday to distribute them. If you are down near the shop, you are welcome to come in a nd pick up.

Great news. I am away but I will ask if Jase can grab my medium if it's still got my name on it and I'll PayPal you if that's OK?

Thanks again for organising these, Gary.  I think I'll be able to pop into the shop on Saturday afternoon and collect mine - and Gus' as well (if he's paid by then).  I'm riding on Sunday for the first time in what feels like ages - so I'm keen to fly the colours :)

I'm good for it!

Just take it off my next advertising bill Gus.

You have to watch these dodgy web-developer types ;)
No worries Gus ... I'll pick it up for you.
I have your shirt, Gus. You can grab it from my place or I'll just bring it along to the next non-wet WOMGIE.


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