I hope most of you are now familiar with the new jersey design.  We are now taking orders for these and a size chart (pinched from Gawler Wheelers) is shown below. Price is $38 per jersey. All orders must be placed by the 13th May.

If you wish to order a jersey, please "REPLY TO THIS" discussion below stating quantity and size required.

Note - The chest size shown is measurement across jersey so you need to double this for your chest measurement.

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Sorry for the newbie question here but what do the letters A - F on the left represent ? 

Cheers :)

Some Muddy also pinched this from the Gawler Wheelers (shhh):

Thanks Gillian.  You need a job as a PA to fix my stuff ups?

I'll take a large too thanks Gary (maybe even 2 - so cool design).

1 2XL ordered and paid for this morning

I have a 118cm chest so it comes down to a 3XL or a 4XL ... the 3XL being exactly 118cm.  In your opinion (based on knowledge of GW tops etc) would you recommend the 4XL or the 3XL ?

If you want to try them on, I have both sizes here at Star Cycles in GW design.

Thanks Gary - I'll try to work in a visit over the next couple of weeks.

I'll be swinging by this Saturday afternoon. Arranged to take the kids to see their great grandparents in Gawler so all should be good.

1x XL for me please (I'm still building up my cycling gear coffers, so an extra jersey will be useful). Thanks for organizing the Gary, it's very much appreciated :-)

Wow i'll have one too. My CVSA is a XXL fits nice, but i might go an XL.
if these are like the CVSA then that should be fine. Though there is not much in it, but the length is always better.?

1 XL for now please.

If I'm not too l;ate, I'd like a size M jersey.  I'll see Gary at Star Cycles about this on Monday.


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