Goldilocks weather greeted another good roll-up to the Prices Bakery start.  We rolled out together but it wasn't long before a breakaway formed as the grade kicked up on the road to Anstey Hill, while the autobus set a much more comfortable pace into the hills.  

When we arrived at Gorge Road, we were greeted by a trickle of fast RLC riders, which grew to a flood as we waited at the regroup point.  For anyone interested in a professional photo, the Epsom Road Studio devil was waiting on the roadside at the Gorge Road reservoir. 

As we rounded the corner onto Corkscrew Road, some lost-looking RLC cyclists asked whether they should actually be following us.  As tempting as it was to divert the stream of riders towards Corkscrew, leveller heads intervened and we sent them on their way down the hill towards the RLC finish line. 

Corkscrew was tackled with style and some were happy to make it to the top without a stop. 

The Montacute Road resurface looks good and it will be an even greater descent after getting familiar with the placement of the new patches, which will allow much more speed to be carried through some curves. 

..... another great ride, thanks everyone for coming!

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LOL! that would have been ridelikecrazy funny if you had got what were probably fairly inexperienced, Half Distance RLC riders to do the Corkscrew.

Was an Awesome ride. i really like this route today??

Look forward to next weeks route??

Good ride - shortish but a good workout.  My 2nd time up the screw (felt much better within myself this time, but didn't make it any easier). Thanks for the morning, everyone.

Nice one of me filling up the reservoir !

another great ride and i like the corkscrew made all the better by the great decent of montacute.Be interesting to see how 130 odd riders takle it wednesday.@ roger did you have a good rlc

Additional photos of our ride can be viewed on the Epsom Rd Studios website. Look under RLC2013, then Gorge Rd, then 09.00 - 09.15
Happy hunting......


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