Well for a hot day this one went pretty well. About 10 riders assembled for our ride and we set off into the cool of the morning for some riverside hills.

It was a great morning for hills too.  The weather at 7.30 am was nearly perfect although we knew it would only get warmer as the morning progressed.. Golden Way, down Ladywood Rd Lwr NE Rds .. easy but quick ..  

 The Gorge was as good as it gets this morning it was nearly devoid of cars and motorcycles and the cool air coming off the babbling river made the ride both comfortable and memorable. The better climbers let me get ahead a bit at the Cudlee Creek Store, so I rode up Tippett alone. There is an excellent road surface up there and it got better still. Standing just inside the fence to the dam was a huge Grey Kangaroo, he didn't back off as I approached so i rode with 3 metres of this guy. He was easily the biggest wild roo I've seen so close to the city.

Riding back to Golden Grove close to the reservoir kept water in view and the cool air flowing for several more Kms. Inglewood then Houghton and decent of Anstey Hill to Hancock Rd .. and then just as i was starting to get  hot, it was all over

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Great report

Was a great ride with a great bunch of blokes!
Thanks. Ps I look fat in that pic lol


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